Apr 10, 2010

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Here are some videos taken by friends (using their non-pro cameras) from our wedding.  Enjoy!

Ceremony - when I walked down the aisle with my mum


Reception - entourage intro + our grand entrance...


I have yet to work on our wedding video so here is something my hubby put together as a "teaser" - using photos from both our rehearsal dinner and wedding.

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Finally, some pics taken by our official photographer and other friends + family....


Here is a music video we made using pictures and video from our engagement photo shoot.  My then-fiance/now-husband rearranged the Beatles song "Two of Us" and recorded our vocals.  A few friends of ours helped us shoot the video.

I suggest watching this in 720p.


Happy viewing, everyone!

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I wish we could afford this specific lighting design...

Wishing photo 1 specifically the Scrolling Clouds one

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While I appreciate and enjoy weddings in general, I'm not into fluff and pomp.  So, much to my mom and FMIL's shock (hehe), we are not having a traditional wedding (no church).  I just thought that it would be hypocritical of us since we don't go to church anymore (we were born and raised Catholic).  We wanted a more meaningful wedding that would reflect who we are.

We are having a dressy 60s, Beatles-inspired wedding.  Since both of us, as well as a lot of our friends, are (rock) musicians, there will be some jamming involved.

Let me also add that we are a budget couple so....


Our DIY PROJECTS, so far...

Our emailed STD (Save-the-Date)

To Each His Own photo 1


Our invitations

To Each His Own photo 2

I bought boxes of blank invitation cards with envelopes and additional cardstock at Michael's (on sale), made a rough design on Photoshop and had a graphic designer friend finesse my work.

Another designer friend created our monogram (add - haha).



Got my wedding boots on sale at Amazon (teehee) - Dr. Marten's Stacey boots in White

To Each His Own photo 3


I'm having my mom's wedding gown (vintage!) altered/de/reconstructed to fit me.  Hers was a 60s trapeze style fully beaded ivory colored gown.