Dec 19, 2008

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             The Cober's

We met in the summer of 2003 and had a great summer crush/fling, so much fun that we decided to date long distance over the fall and winter. In  the spring of 2004 we made he big move and I relocated to be with him and share a roof. We grew as a couple and found more and more comfort, compatibility, love and affection. In the winter of 2006 we made the next big move and got engaged *smiles*! It was one of those things that I knew it was going to happen, hard to avoid not noticing the ring payments leave the account when you have a joint account *lol. What I didn't know was when the ring would be given to me, he gave no hints, so sweety still got  his surprise in!


When it came to actually walking down the aisle we had a crazy, fun, silly time of planning and changing and just running with life *smiles*. With his work in the military having us move here and there with little notice we just went and got silly *lol. Cancelled all plans, sold two gowns (but kept the shoes *wink*) and snuck off to the Old Justice Building in our new town and got married!! It was a fantastic day, we found a photographer last minute, booked the best restaurant in town and ordered the most exspensive bottle of wine and had a truly wonderful time of togetherness.

Since it was the middle of winter I didn't want to brave the Canadian cold in a gown, the open toe shoes were as daring as I could be, so I went in search of a winter outfit that I felt good and still bridal in. After all was said and done, between the hubby's military garb, the old building and my outfit we had a truly vintage 40's look and I loved every minute of it *smiles*!

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