Jan 11, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I researched far and wide for a professional photographer who has his/her own style and can capture the soul of people instead of just the appearance of them (and within our budget :p), and thank God we found Wira! When I saw the photos posted on project wedding, we were so impressed on how good he captured the beauty of Asians (which is a 'rare find' in the US in my opinion), so we contacted Wira right away. He responded very quickly for every email, and enthusiastically!!! I have a couple of images and styles in mind and discussed with him, he's always supportive and wanted to experiment with our ideas (and we did try quite a lot of things on our wedding day :D) Wira was really nice to travel to Arizona without extra charge :D The day before our wedding, we met at the church and reception to let him know more about the environment, and on our big day, he was able to blend in with our friends and family very well. :D He's sooooo nice so everyone's relaxed having him shooting around. He was like one of our friends. :D He's always very cheerful and enthusiastic. He always had fun and amazing ideas on how to pose and, as my hubby was in his army uniform and we had our reception in a shabby chic cottage, Wira came up with a post-war story-telling photo series that I love sooooooooo much! :D And when we received the first few previews from Wira a month later, my hubby and I were sooooooo happy with the results!! Just like what we expected!!!! The nostalgic feeling, the sentimental elements, the details...we were kind of speechless! My hubby kept looking at the pictures and started using them as wallpaper for the computer, for his phone....:p and kept telling me how beautiful I am, hehehe~ Thanks for everything Wira!!! :D Wish you all the best with your career!!! :D
Services used: Photography