Aug 07, 2010

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Les and I have chosen a theme for our upcoming nuptials called from Green To Glam. We are on a mission to teach our twenty & thirty-something friends that an eco-friendly wedding does not have to be all burlap and cardboard. We are seeking sponsors to help us make this day a "teachable occasion" for everyone that attends. For those who have already expressed interest in traveling this journey with us, we give you our heartfelt thanks. As my gift to society and the environment, I will be collecting cell phones that will be donated to victims of domestic violence. Les and his groomsmen will be planting trees. We ask that you all join us in our efforts. Together, we can make this wedding an affair that makes a difference." 

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I moved to Atlanta to be closer to family......I had no intentions on ever finding true love but yea it was something I wondered about. I would watch  my parents when I went home and I would say, "If I have that kind of love then and only then would I ever get married."  Guess what....I FOUND IT.  I met the most charming, handsome beautiful man inside and out......OMG I am so blessed. He is my best soul mate and you should see the way he looks at me...this is why I fell in love with him. 

I remember the first time he wrapped his arms around me and we took a deep breath and we exhaled at the same time.........then I knew he was my husband..the man that was born just for me. Every day I wake up and say wow.....i have that "old fashioned" love...the love that people write books and make movies about.  This is truly wonderful and I am spending the rest of my life with him.

One night he held me and I just started to cry as the music played. I guess I was releasing all the things that happened over time and it was a relief for me that I found this wonderful person. He wiped my tears and told me baby....I'm here and you will never ever have to cry alone again. How did i get so lucky?

We went to Puerto Rico to celebrate his birthday in August.  That morning we were in the water under a water fall and he proposed.  I am so in love!!!