Jun 22, 2013

My husband and I were married on a beautiful sunny June afternoon with our closest friends and family. I put years of dreams and DIY efforts into making my whimsical sandcastle beach vision come true and I've got the pictures to prove it :) Its the most wonderful feeling being married to your prince charming! :)
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I had my dreamy beach wedding June 22 and Now it's time to let some things go. I had so much fun saving for a year and planning my wedding decor. I spent literally thousands of dollars to make my wedding look perfect. My colors were shades of mint green, so jade green as well. I had a beach shabby chic look.

 Pricing is Paypal and does not include shipping. I have these listed on other wedding websites too so it's first come first pays. Please direct all questions to cherr1k at hotmail dot com

Thanks :)

I had my dreamy photo 3479124-1FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 1$30


The burlap card sign is available for purchase separately for $30

I had my dreamy photo 3479124-2I had my dreamy photo 3479124-3I had my dreamy photo 3479124-5FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 2$20

Beautiful Snow White lace slip on socks for the stunning bride to be. I bought these to wear the morning of the wedding when I was getting ready. They are in perfect condition. One sock is decorated with frill. These are simply gorgeous and make for great photos. Sz 7-8. I had them custom made for me so not in stores

I had my dreamy photo 3479124-10

 Beautiful silk orchid stems bundle. Makes a full bouquet display as shown. $30

I had my dreamy photo 3479124-11I had my dreamy photo 3479124-12I had my dreamy photo 3479124-13FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 3Silver mirrored cake stand. IT IS APPROX 20 1/2" ACROSS AND 4" TALL. IT IS QUITE HEAVY WEIGHING ABOUT 11 1/2 LBS. IT IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION - NO CHIPS, CRACKS OR REPAIRS. IT WAS USED ONE TIME. Retail $450, asking $150.


LOVE sign $25


Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-1

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma Necklace or Bracelet or Anklet $5

Chain Length: 8 inches + 2 inches extension

Color: Silver
Material: Alloy

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-2Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-3
Swarovski silver shade crystal teardrop pendant with foiled coating on the back. white gold plated 925 sterling silver earring hooks with cubic zirconia deco. $70

Size: 4.6cm x 1.4cm


Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-4

20 coral rock candy swizzle sticks $20 takes all



Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-5
5lb bag of white candy melts unopened $20

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-6Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-7
Things remembered cake cutting set in box $30

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-8

Heart vase for sand ceremony or candy buffet $10

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-9
Rehearsal bouquet $30

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-10FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 4
165 33" long sparklers for sparkler exit $75


Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-11Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-12FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 5
75 Love is patient love is kind favor poems- 38 have ribbons and can be easily swapped out $45

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-13FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 65 Mini reserved signs $20


Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-14Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-15

Large bathroom tray with shown products and custom sign $50


Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-16
Bride to be burlap sign $25

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-17
Candy buffet sign and frame $15

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-18103 White and clear candy bags (sanddollar stamp on white bags can be covered with a monogram sticker or anything else) $10

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-19
Little love signs for candy buffet 5 in total, not pictured is another white love sign $10

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-20
Love sign and easel $30

Tiny Infinity Silver Karma photo 3479125-21
Standing letters $10 each


Just married burlap sign photo 3479127-1FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 7Just married burlap sign $30

Just married burlap sign photo 3479127-2Thank you burlap Sign $30

Just married burlap sign photo 3479127-3Just married burlap sign photo 3479127-4FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 8Tiffany blue/Mint green rhinestone studded and tulle trim garter set custom made $100

Just married burlap sign photo 3479127-5FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 9Custom made wood signs- Large seating ceremony sign $40, smaller hanging signs $20

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 10FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 11

2 Wedding Parasols Satin Diamond white for photo props- Was going to use for me and my MOH but never ended up using them. I took a photo to show the size compared to the body. These are gorgeous!

asking $75 for both

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 13

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride Bling Hoodie $35

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 14Both starfish sandals were never worn, only purchased for my reception to wear but never did.



NEW Aerosoles white thong starfish bling wedding sandals sz 8 $30 

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 15

NEW Aerosoles mint rhinestone thong starfish flat sandals 8 $30

NEW Anjolique Diamond White Designer Wedding Dress - $500

NEVER WORN!  ended up buying another dress. More beautiful in person! Wedding Sz 12 also fits 10 and it has inner corset built right in. Sorry for the bad photos. This has never been altered. Paid $1200- Very rare style to find anywhere! I fell in love with the ruching in back and how it flatters so amazingly.

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 16FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 17FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 18FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 19

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 20FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 21FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 22FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 23

The perfect mermaid crinoline slip for under your wedding dress XS/S   $45


I paid big bucks for this high quality mermaid crinoline to poof out the bottom of my trumpet style wedding gown and it made all the difference. I'm so glad I added this slip although my dress already had a built in slip. It gave the extra oomph I wanted. Plus it makes for sexy getting ready pics! This was worn once and in excellent condition.

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 24FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 25FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 26I'm selling all my bridal tank tops. They are all by Victoria's Secret. Three are from their sexy little bride collection and have adorable ribbon bows in back. They are labeled M and L but fit snug like M. They are all in great condition ready to go to another bride to be. If pictures aren't clear they read, just married, bachelorette, team bride and sexy little bride. $50 takes all 4 or $20 each

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 27Here comes the bride burlap sign $35

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 28

Ring Security wooden sign $25

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 29FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 30 rhinestone cuff bracelet is made with glittering Swarovski crystals and delicate silver beads. A luxurious double faced satin ribbon completes this stunning accessory inspired by vintage elegance. ♥ Rhinestone piece measures 3.75" x 2"
♥ Total cuff length is 28"L $50

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 31Fabric Pom Pom with tattered tassels / fringe / streamers made of various fabric strips, lace, burlap, ribbons, and other textiles. Torn and rag tied - edges are meant to fray. $25 for both

5" Diameter

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 32

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 33YOU ARE sign $30


FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 34FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 35Tiffany Blue/Jade green rhinestone encrusted and bow back wedge heels- Worn only for ceremony, excellent condition $100

 FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 36Castle Cake topper $45

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 37FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 38

Bride monogram wedding hanger with hearts and mint green bow $30

FOR SALE with PRO pics photo 39Two rows of gorgeous detailed silver and clear beading and rhinestones are finished with a sleek satin ivory ribbon.
Rhinestone pieces measure 17" in length $120



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Our wedding was magical. I laughed. I cried. I felt butterflies. I smiled so much my cheeks hurt.

I tried my hardest to take people’s advice – to soak it all in, because they kept telling me “it all just flies by.” You know what? They were 100% right. It still feels so surreal; I know I was there…it all happened…but it still feels like a dream. A wonderful, magical, glittery dream. (Yep. Glittery.)

Pro Pics are in photo 1Pro Pics are in photo 2Pro Pics are in photo 3Pro Pics are in photo 4Pro Pics are in photo 5Pro Pics are in photo 6Pro Pics are in photo 7Pro Pics are in photo 8Pro Pics are in photo 9Pro Pics are in photo 10Pro Pics are in photo 11Pro Pics are in photo 12Pro Pics are in photo 13Pro Pics are in photo 14Pro Pics are in photo 15Pro Pics are in photo 16Pro Pics are in photo 17Pro Pics are in photo 18Pro Pics are in photo 19Pro Pics are in photo 20Pro Pics are in photo 21Pro Pics are in photo 22Pro Pics are in photo 23Pro Pics are in photo 24Pro Pics are in photo 25Pro Pics are in photo 26Pro Pics are in photo 27Pro Pics are in photo 28Pro Pics are in photo 29Pro Pics are in photo 30Pro Pics are in photo 31Pro Pics are in photo 32Pro Pics are in photo 33Pro Pics are in photo 34Pro Pics are in photo 35Pro Pics are in photo 36Pro Pics are in photo 37Pro Pics are in photo 38Pro Pics are in photo 39Pro Pics are in photo 40Pro Pics are in photo 41Pro Pics are in photo 42Pro Pics are in photo 43Pro Pics are in photo 44Pro Pics are in photo 45Pro Pics are in photo 46Pro Pics are in photo 47Pro Pics are in photo 48Pro Pics are in photo 49Pro Pics are in photo 50Pro Pics are in photo 51Pro Pics are in photo 52Pro Pics are in photo 53Pro Pics are in photo 54Pro Pics are in photo 55Pro Pics are in photo 56Pro Pics are in photo 57Pro Pics are in photo 58Pro Pics are in photo 59Pro Pics are in photo 60Pro Pics are in photo 61Pro Pics are in photo 62Pro Pics are in photo 63Pro Pics are in photo 64Pro Pics are in photo 65Pro Pics are in photo 66Pro Pics are in photo 67Pro Pics are in photo 68Pro Pics are in photo 69Pro Pics are in photo 70Pro Pics are in photo 71Pro Pics are in photo 72Pro Pics are in photo 73Pro Pics are in photo 74Pro Pics are in photo 75Pro Pics are in photo 76Pro Pics are in photo 77Pro Pics are in photo 78Pro Pics are in photo 79Pro Pics are in photo 80Pro Pics are in photo 81Pro Pics are in photo 82Pro Pics are in photo 83Pro Pics are in photo 84Pro Pics are in photo 85Pro Pics are in photo 86Pro Pics are in photo 87Pro Pics are in photo 88Pro Pics are in photo 89Pro Pics are in photo 90Pro Pics are in photo 91Pro Pics are in photo 92Pro Pics are in photo 93Pro Pics are in photo 94Pro Pics are in photo 95Pro Pics are in photo 96Pro Pics are in photo 97Pro Pics are in photo 98Pro Pics are in photo 99Pro Pics are in photo 100Pro Pics are in photo 101Pro Pics are in photo 102Pro Pics are in photo 103Pro Pics are in photo 104Pro Pics are in photo 105Pro Pics are in photo 106Pro Pics are in photo 107Pro Pics are in photo 108Pro Pics are in photo 109Pro Pics are in photo 110Pro Pics are in photo 111Pro Pics are in photo 112Pro Pics are in photo 113Pro Pics are in photo 114Pro Pics are in photo 115Pro Pics are in photo 116Pro Pics are in photo 117Pro Pics are in photo 118Pro Pics are in photo 119Pro Pics are in photo 120Pro Pics are in photo 121Pro Pics are in photo 122Pro Pics are in photo 123Pro Pics are in photo 124Pro Pics are in photo 125Pro Pics are in photo 126Pro Pics are in photo 127Pro Pics are in photo 128Pro Pics are in photo 129

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Rehearsal Luncheon photo 1Rehearsal Luncheon photo 2Rehearsal Luncheon photo 3Rehearsal Luncheon photo 4Rehearsal Luncheon photo 5Rehearsal Luncheon photo 6Rehearsal Luncheon photo 7Rehearsal Luncheon photo 8Rehearsal Luncheon photo 9Rehearsal Luncheon photo 10

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Courteousy of the Fabulous Eric Brushett

E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4E Pics photo 5E Pics photo 6E Pics photo 7E Pics photo 8E Pics photo 9E Pics photo 10E Pics photo 11E Pics photo 12E Pics photo 13E Pics photo 14E Pics photo 15E Pics photo 16E Pics photo 17E Pics photo 18E Pics photo 19

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My wedding was a dream! Everything turned out beautiful! The weather, the ceremony, the decorations I worked countless hours on! Yet, It flew by so fast, my head is still spinning. It is so true that you do all this work for one day that goes by so quick, and you pretty much are throwing a party for everyone else. Thankfully we have pictures from family to hold us over and drool at while we await our professional pics to be sent to us. Enjoy!!

I m Married photo 1I m Married photo 2I m Married photo 3I m Married photo 4I m Married photo 5I m Married photo 6I m Married photo 7I m Married photo 8I m Married photo 9I m Married photo 10I m Married photo 11I m Married photo 12I m Married photo 13I m Married photo 14I m Married photo 15I m Married photo 16I m Married photo 17I m Married photo 18I m Married photo 19I m Married photo 20I m Married photo 21I m Married photo 22I m Married photo 23

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I've been having a blast coming up with the bridal parties gift ideas.

I wanted something matchy, course my seafoam color and beachy vibe. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to be part of a wedding and with these small gifts I wanted them to know just how much I appreciated them being a part of my big day.

I tried to do as much wedding-accessory-shopping on Etsy as possible, because I know that I’m supporting handmade / small business owners as well as getting items that were more likely made with fair labor than if they were mass-produced in factories overseas.


For me, one of the most fun parts of wedding planning was putting together these bridesmaids bags. I loved putting them together! I love gift giving in general, but these in particular had more meaning. I hope I showed my bridesmaids with these gifts just how much their standing up there with me on my wedding day meant to me.