Mar 20, 2010

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So when we are back in the states I think we will have a reception/wedding shower here.  We have a nice lush yard in the back, and it's I was thinking of setting up a white tent and having tables back there, with a bit of an Asian theme in the mix too.  I want to do something like this, but with red lanterns.

American Reception photo 1

These were basically our colors for the reception, lots of traditional Korean red and green and royal blue, with touches of ivory:

And I know I would like cupcakes, but instead of icing (cause most people including me just scrape it off anyway...) I thought maybe we could make red velvet cupcakes with yellow fondant, with a stamp that says 사랑해요 (I love you) in it or something. 

I also thought we could give little bamboo plants away for favors.  Either that or little tins with one of our favorite teas inside.  Lately I've been favoring the tea idea. :)

Korean Food I know I want:

Ddukbokki: 떡볶이

This is so delicious, words cannot describe it. haha!  It's rice cakes...kind of a doughy consistency, cooked and smothered in a sweet and spicy sauce.  I would love to have some of this at the reception.  People can pick them up with toothpicks or something...with a sign that says something like Caution: Extremely Spicy! or some kind of warning, because they need one, for sure. lol! 

American Reception photo 6

And Kimbap: 김밥

American Reception photo 7

It's kind of like sushi, but no raw meat, and a lot more vegetables.  It's really good, and great finger food too!

And we'll probably have some fancy rice cakes (떡) like these (found on Seouleats)

American Reception photo 8

They are also made of rice, and are typical wedding desserts, filled with sweet things. :)

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Ok, so it is not easy to find pictures of the wedding hall inside of this place.  I would love to find pictures of the hall, the room for the pyebaek ceremony, and the reception, but I just can't.  It's hard enough trying to navigate the site without knowing a lot of Korean. lol!  But here's what I found!  This is the building, in Songpa, Seoul:

The Korean Venue photo 1


I got to visit the church while I was there for the Christmas holiday and took some pictures of the sanctuary where the ceremony will be held.  There were people there, so I just took a couple quick snaps.  It has kind of an old world sort of feel to it, and it will be covered in flowers for the wedding, so I hear.

The Korean Venue photo 2The Korean Venue photo 3

I'm not going to upload the pics of the pyebaek room, because right now, it's not decorated properly, as they use it for a preschool room as well.  For the wedding it will have lovely painted screens, a small table, and lovely gold dishes for the tea ceremony.  Right now though, it has children's toys in it. lol!

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I got my shoes this weekend! I knew I didn't want heels.  It is going to be a crazy day, and I want to be comfortable.  So after a very long search, I found these ADORABLE flats from!  $36 with shipping! :)  I printed out the sizing guide from the website, because I heard they ran small, and do they ever!  It said I am a 9, and I am normally a 7.5.  I got them and they do fit, so I am happy.  The insides are really soft too, and I think I will get some shoe clips to glam them up a bit.

 Accessories photo 1


Ok, well this isn't a hair comb yet, but it will be! I got this gorgeous Sarah Coventry silver and pearl brooch online from for $15 with shipping, and it is fabulous.  Almost 3 inches across, and oh so pretty.  I will be adding a comb to it so I can wear it in my hair.  When I do this, I'll take step by step photos, if anyone else wants to see the DIY. :)

Accessories photo 2Accessories photo 3Accessories photo 4Accessories photo 5


I'm wearing my mother's necklace (seen above in the DRESS section) that she wore down the aisle, and I recently bought this bracelet and these earrings.

Accessories photo 6Accessories photo 7


I got this beautiful garter made from lolainlace on  She did such a beautiful job!  I couldn't be more thrilled with this gorgeous lil thing.  It's in champagne and ivory, with my new initials!

Accessories photo 8Accessories photo 9



I bought this amazingly gorgeous, and incredible soft ivory tulle online from a shop in England for a little over $60!  I am so excited to make my veil with it, and nervous too!

Accessories photo 10Accessories photo 11Accessories photo 12

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Ok, so having the ceremony in Korea puts me in a bit of a pickle.  I won't speak the same language as the hairsylists around, and I am very picky.  So that means I have to learn how to do it myself...I am trying this.

Here's what I've found here on PW to help inspire me.  I know I want a low chignon, with flowers, or a pin, or something like that above it.  I think I will have to have a veil too, but I'm not sure how to do that, since I want my hair to show off, and I have a lace shrug on my gown.  I think if I went without a veil it might cause an uproar over there. I'm already going without gloves (shudder).  They ALL wear gloves at weddings....even the groom, and the parents...everyone.  But I'm not doin it. lol 

So anyway! On to the hair ideas:

Hair Ideas photo 1

I adore this one so much, but I don't know if I can pull it hair is NOT curly, and I don't even know where to start with this one...but that is my favorite one.  Here are some others I really like.

Hair Ideas photo 2Hair Ideas photo 3Hair Ideas photo 4Hair Ideas photo 5



Hair Ideas photo 6


I've been working on my own hair, and after 7 attempts, I think I've finally got it how I would like it! I still have to work on it, but this is the basic idea I am going to use.

Hair Ideas photo 7Hair Ideas photo 8Hair Ideas photo 9Hair Ideas photo 10

The next time I try it I will take lots of pictures and do a tutorial if anyone else would like this curly messy romantic chignon look at home.  After curling my hair, this took about 10 minutes, and 11 bobbypins!  And it was so sturdy too!

UPDATE #2!!!

Ok, so I got my hair cut a while ago, and my stylist put a lot more hair in my shortest layer than before.  It looks great down, and all the ways I normally do my hair, but I couldn't get it into a chignon anymore.  Most of it was just too short, and I was pinning and pinning tons of short curls, and I just didn't like the look.  So when I was trying out my hair for my boudoir shoot this weekend, I decided that I think my hair will be down for the wedding now.  Here's how it came out, with my hair flower:

Hair Ideas photo 11Hair Ideas photo 12Hair Ideas photo 13

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Here is my beautiful blue sapphire ring.  I just adore it.  It's perfect, absolutely perfect, in my favorite color, blue.  And a sapphire symbolizes love, truth, fidelity, and I also read that it is a symbol of heaven and of devotion to God.  All of that makes it extra special to me.  

Edit:  I took some new pictures today!  In the ring box, and my piano, and on our song's piano music. :)

The Ring photo 1The Ring photo 2The Ring photo 3The Ring photo 4The Ring photo 5The Ring photo 6


It took me forever to convince him that I didn't want a diamond.  I really didn't want an engagement/wedding ring set.  I want to have bands that coordinate.  I want what we wear to go well together.  Maybe one with diamonds and skinnier for my band, and bigger with no stones for his.  Something unique, something special.  We will pick them out in Korea, and I can wear this for special occasions on my right hand. :)

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Here is my dress! I went in just to try some things on and get an idea of what looks good on me, and this was the second dress I tried on.  I almost didn't pull it too!  I thought it was too similar looking to the one I picked out first, but once they were out of the bag, it was very different actually.  I just adore it to bits!

The Dress photo 1

It's an ivory Anjolique with a beautiful lace shrug and a detachable train.  It has a train underneath this one too, but this one gives it a little more va-va-voom. ;) 

I am also wearing my mother's pearls.  But these aren't just any pearls.  When my father was young, he saved up and bought his mother (my grandmother) a lovely string of real pearls.  She gave them to my mother for her wedding day, and now I will walk down the aisle in them too!

The Dress photo 2

I am so happy with the versatility, elegance, and richness of this dress.  I don't need to shop for months and try on 8,000 gowns.  First trip out, 2nd dress...and that's the one!

The Dress photo 3