Mar 20, 2010

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I ordered these Korean Mandarin Wedding Ducks made out of celedon to use as our cake topper, and I love them!

Cake Topper photo 1

Celedon is a traditional Korean pottery that is a pretty greenish blue color. 

Mandarin ducks are a classic symbol of Korean weddings and are pretty much always incoporated into weddings there.  They mate for life, are peaceful, and have lots of offsping. haha!  Plenty of reasons for them to be a nice symbol of togetherness.  After the wedding, the couple will display their ducks in their home.  If the couple is happy, they put the ducks nose to nose, if they are having a tiff, they could be turned tail to tail.  But no matter what, the ducks are always together.  And if one person wants to end a fight, they could point to their wedding ducks.  I think that's really cute.

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I am basically in the dark when it comes to most of the planning of my big fat Korean wedding, but today I got to see our invitations, and I was really surprised!  I have seen a lot of invitation pictures from Korea, and most of them looked very plain to me.  His mother picked ours out, and they look kind of like American invitations.  Here they are!

Korean Invitations photo 1Korean Invitations photo 2

I took the last names out, so that's why there are big white spaces on our names.  The left side has a map, and information on how to get there.  Bus lines, subway directions, and the church's number, as well as his parents' contact information.  The right side at the top says something like, "These two people met in God's love and are about to promise to be a family.  Please bless and pray they will have a happy family."  It then lists my FI's parents' names and "their son", then my parents' names and "their daughter" then my name.  Then at the bottom it lists the date and time and the location.

And that's that!

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I knew even before we got engaged that I wanted us to have wedding rings that coordinate, but don't match exactly.  I didn't want to wear my engagement ring with it, I just wanted a band, simple, and pretty. 

Well, when I was in Korea for Christmas to see my FI and his family, they took us to a REALLY nice department store and headed straight for the jewelry floor.  Designer stores everywhere!  And they told us to start shopping.  Wow....I've never bought designer..well, anything!  I didn't quite know what to think.  I said it was ok, that we didn't have to get designer rings, but they would not be swayed.  So we ended up choosing a set at the first place we visited, Bvlgari.  And here they are! 

Our Rings photo 1

I do love them.  Platinum, 5 .25 carat stones in mine, 1 .25 carat stone in his.  They are simple, elegant, modern, and lovely!

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We just booked our honeymoon!  I am so excited!  This is going to be one amazing trip.  We're going to.......... PHUKET THAILAND!

I'm giddy with excitement.  We're going for 7 days, and leaving the morning after my parents go back to the states.  We're staying at this 4 star resort hotel first:

The Honeymoon photo 1The Honeymoon photo 2

And then we're spending the rest of the honeymoon HERE!  Our private pool villa looking out over the ocean!

The Honeymoon photo 3The Honeymoon photo 4The Honeymoon photo 5The Honeymoon photo 6

This place is so gorgeous! I can't wait to go! We're doing so many cool things on our trip too!

  • 2 and a half hour couples massage
  • lots of romantic dinners (all our meals are included)
  • island touring
  • snorkling, scuba diving, and banana boating
  • shopping in the city
  • visiting a temple
  • an elephant ride through the jungle
  • horseback riding on the beach

I can't wait!  All of our meals, activities, accomodations and flight are included, for $2,700!  Crazy awesome.  It probably helps that we're leaving from Korea, so the flight isn't as expensive as it would be from the states.  I  still think it's a great deal, for everything we're getting, it's unbelievable!


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Although we were planning the wedding for several months, my FI never officially got to propose until Christmas day, 2009.  He had asked my parents permission, and even bought a ring, but he had to return to Korea rather suddenly.  So he never got to propose.  He offered to propose over Skype, but I just really didn't want that at all.  I didn't want to tell my children that their father proposed over the internet.  I just didn't. lol!

So I arrived in Korea on Christmas morning after being apart for over 5 months, and that night he took me to one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been to.  It's called Toh Lim, and it's on the top floor of the Lotte World Hotel in Seoul.  You can take the observatory elevator up, that lets you look out over the whole city, and once we got there, the entry way and halls were lined with lots of fresh red rose petals and glass globes with floating candles.  There were rose petals and candles everywhere in the restaurant. 

Our table was by these huge windows that looked out over the city, and it was beautiful.  We had an amazing eight course meal, and although it wasn't a surprise by any means when he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him, it was still so special.  I can't even remember everything he said to me, I was just so happy that I could finally be officially engaged to my sweety, to finally see him again after 5 long months on the other side of the world, and to finally wear my beautiful ring.  Here are a couple pictures of the restaurant (our table, and the really cool ceiling), and one of me outside by all the pretty twinkly lights wearing my loverly ring. :)

The engagement photo 1

The engagement photo 2

The engagement photo 3

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DIY Vintage Brooch Hair Comb

Here's the tutorial I made so you guys can make your own hair combs out of beautiful vintage brooches too!

Tutorials photo 1