May 15, 2010

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Well we both met on-line while he was on his first deployment overseas. We wrote to each other for about two months. After declining multiple times, I decided to give him my house number. He started calling me every night/morning. I remember the loss of sleep! Hahaha! Yet, i awaited for his call eagerly every mid-night. I didnt know then that with every conversation that we had, We grew closer to each other. Finally, the day for him to return arrived and I think that i was more frighten than anything else. I was afraid of what would happen after I met this stranger that I had grown so attach to. I promised i would show up at the base to welcome him back and thus I felt obligated to go. The night before his arrival i was completely restless, i couldn't force myself to sleep. It was finally the time to head out. I got my keys, phone, and Welcome back Poster. As I set out to the base I thought to myself..."how will i get there" I didn't have directions, i only had somewhat of an idea of where the base was. Ten minuets into my drive I found myself racing with another car full of guys, I assumed they were Marines because of there hair cuts and the dog tags I saw on the driver. I knew that there were no military bases in the direction we were heading, with the exception of the Marine base i was looking for. I took the risk of following these guys and it payed off. I made it to the base and i waited for him to arrive for approx. 3hrs.

 When the white buses arrived everyone went crazy. I was able to get in front of the crowd. It seemed almost ieternal but surely the buses began opening there doors. As all the marines began to rush out of the buses I focused on one. That one marine i was so focused on kept walking straight to me. I knew almost instantly that it was him. It didn't matter that i had never seen him face to face, when he was only a few feet away from me something inexplicable took over me. I ran to him dropping everything i had in my hands.

It felt like I had known him forever! As he held me in his arms i completely forgot that we were both strangers. From that day on I couldn't get him out of my mind. Soon after he came back he left on leave and i left out of state to attend an academy... We didn't see each other again for a few months. I finally returned and we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. A few months later he asked me to marry him and i said yes! He soon left for his second deployment and once more we were chatting away on the phone.

And now we are working on our wedding preparations and awaiting my own deployment.