Oct 09, 2010

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So, I'm not one of those people who wants to dictate everything Ms. Chelsea McGowan does, because she has incredible talent and deserves plenty of wiggle room.  I don't plan on giving her a laundry list of every shot I want her to get.  But I stumbled upon this picture, and LOVED it.  We're having 5 ring bearers and 2 flower girls, and I just can't PASS UP this picture.  

Photography Ideas photo 1 

Or this one, because I really like my shoes, but don't really like the ones with the shoes by themselves: 

Photography Ideas photo 2

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Grand Mayan Los Cabos

We're so fortunate that a family friend has loaned us their timeshare for a whole week in Los Cabos!  

Aren't the pictures amazing?

The balcony:   

Honeymoon photo 1 

The room:

Honeymoon photo 2Honeymoon photo 3

It has a beautiful kitchen!

Honeymoon photo 4 

And a golf course...

Honeymoon photo 5

Can't forget the canopies near the pools, which are apparently always available and free of cost...

Honeymoon photo 6Honeymoon photo 7

Pretty lobby, huh?

Honeymoon photo 8

Can't forget the pool pics.  It's huge!

Honeymoon photo 9Honeymoon photo 10Honeymoon photo 11

And the restaurant...

Honeymoon photo 12

And from a distance...

Honeymoon photo 13

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I think I'd like to have a king table in the center so that all the bmaids and groomsmen and their dates (and me and Steve) can all fit at one spot.  Round tables on either side! An arrangement like this: 

Reception Design photo 1

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We're having a fajita night for our rehearsal dinner!  Yaaay.

I'm looking at purple dresses for the rehearsal dinner.  White isn't my best color anyway.  These dresses are from Nordstrom.  The first is a Suzi Chin dress, the second is another Suzi Chin Tie Dye dress.  Haven't gotten to try any on yet.

Rehearsal Dinner photo 1Rehearsal Dinner photo 2

Also at the rehearsal dinner, my bridesmaid Emile is going to sing a song for us and play her guitar.  The song is Home Is Where the Heart Is, by Lady Antebellum, and it suits us perfectly.  Lyrics below: 

I felt I was spinning my wheels
Before too long the road was calling
I packed everything I own
So sure that I was leaving this small town life behind for good
And not a single tear was falling
It took leaving for me to understand
Sometimes your dreams just aren't what life has planned

Mama said home is where the heart is
When I left that town
I made it all the way to West Virginia
And that's where my heart found
Exactly where I'm supposed to be
It didn't take much time
It's just south of the Mason Dixon line
It's just south of the Mason Dixon line

I worked third shift at an all night diner
Only stayed to save a little money for
Enough gas to make it to the east coast
That's when I saw the brightest pair of
Deep blue eyes walking straight into my life
And every night we talked till it became so clear
And I could feel those dreams inside shifting gears
Cause love brought me here

[Repeat Chorus]

And I'm standing in my veil about to say I do
As mama smiles with tear drops in her eyes
And then I realize there's something mama always knew
Love is what I really left to find

[Repeat Chorus] 

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We are most likely having food stations instead of a long buffet.  I like the idea of mini blackboards, which will be a DIY project.

Menus DIY photo 1

First, I'll take inexpensive picture frames (maybe assorted ones from garage sales), and spray paint the frames pale pink (instead of white like the photo to the right).  Easy enough, right?  Then, I'll buy some chalkboard paint and paint several layers over the glass insert.  Then, I'll write out the menus in chalk.  Tada! DIY goodness :)  I'll be using a menu at each food station, just so people aren't saying, "What is that, exactly?"

Menus DIY photo 2Menus DIY photo 3

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First, the parents!

Dad's walking me down the aisle and Mom is going to keep me in order.  Not to mention she is basically my sounding board for all my wedding ideas and the two of them are making all of them happen!  And Steve's parents threw us an awesome engagement party!  Kathy (FMIL) will be helping out in all sorts of ways, too, as we get closer to the wedding: 

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 1 The People Who Make it All Happen photo 2

Next up, the bridal party.  The first two pics are Emile and Jason.  Em is singing at our rehearsal dinner and also painting the tree for our guest book alternative, and Jason did all our engagement pics, which ROCKED:

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 3The People Who Make it All Happen photo 4

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 5The People Who Make it All Happen photo 6The People Who Make it All Happen photo 7The People Who Make it All Happen photo 8The People Who Make it All Happen photo 9

Oh Goodness.  Our family has LOTS of little kids, and they're all around the same age so I can't possibly choose just one or two!  And plus, I love them all.  We'll be having a ring troop of five boys, and two flower girls.  Those are all my cousin's children, and I'm attached to all of them.  This would be, left to right, Katelyn (the oldest) sitting next to Aiden, then below we have Gunner, Mason, Abigail, Gannon, and Jackson.  Lordamercy that's a lot of kids.  Love every one of them!  And Abby and Aiden's mom is pregnant again, so right around the wedding, we'll have another newborn!  What fun :)

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 10

We'll have three ushers, my cousins Richard, Russell, and Tyler.  See below: 

Richard and Russell, who are brothers aged 17 and 21 respectively; followed by Tyler, a ninth grader:

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 11 The People Who Make it All Happen photo 12 The People Who Make it All Happen photo 13

Here's our officiant and friend (and preacher) Dana, with her husband Harold: 

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 14

The musical brains of the operation are on Stephen's side--thank goodness he has musical talent, because my side does not!  

Katie, Steve's cousin who is in high school will play piano:

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 15

And Kristen, his younger sister who's in college at American will play violin:

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 16

For the readers, we'll have Kara, Steve's other sister who's in nursing school, and his Uncle Charlie (stole his pic from some random cardiologist website, so that's why he's in front of a heart diagram, hehe!)

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 17 The People Who Make it All Happen photo 18

And here's a funny pic of my cousin Michael and his wife Kayla, who will be teaching two-step lessons to the Rancourt clan and any other northerners who make it out to our Texas wedding.  Then we have Papa Tom (my grandpa) who will head up the golf outing on Saturday morning. And Grandbird (my grandma, but we've never called her that) will be helping out lots too, along the way, with crafty things that grandmas are generally good at.  Here's their wedding picture!  How cute is that?

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 19 The People Who Make it All Happen photo 20

Aunt Brenda is making salsa for the welcome bags. That's her with my uncle, David:

The People Who Make it All Happen photo 21 

More to come!  Not all my jobs are assigned :)