Sep 04, 2010

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Something Old: My grandmothers handkerchief

Something New: My Dress

Something Borrowed: My grandmother birthstone ring

Some Blue: Just married panties

Six Pence in my shoe

Old New Borrowed Blue and a six pence photo 1

Old New Borrowed Blue and a six pence photo 2

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We dericded at the last minute to use the mustaches for the entrance.  It wasa HUGE hit.  Everyone just loved it. Our party walked into the Theme Song from Golden Girls (Thank you for being a friend) and we came into Chariots of fire (in slow motion).  The food, music and everything was just perfect.

Reception photo 1Reception photo 2Reception photo 3Reception photo 4Reception photo 5Reception photo 6

The cake in INSANE.  It was so good

Reception photo 7Reception photo 8

My mommy

Reception photo 9


Reception photo 10

The best man during the speech

Reception photo 11

And yeah, I got caked

Reception photo 12

Our first dance was to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.  We sang to eachother.

Reception photo 13

Mother Son Dance (Celin Dion and Il Divo)

Reception photo 14

Father daughter (Dance with me daughter)

Reception photo 15

Party Animal

Reception photo 16

My friend (co-ordinator) caught the bouquet

Reception photo 17

Tossing the bouquet

Reception photo 18

The garter

Reception photo 19Reception photo 20Reception photo 21



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So I stopped at the dollar store a few days before the wedding and knew that I would use them for the group shots.  I am so glad I did.

Bridal Party Pictures photo 1

Bridal Party Pictures photo 2

Had to check to see if he was traditional or not

Bridal Party Pictures photo 3

Bridal Party Pictures photo 4Bridal Party Pictures photo 5Bridal Party Pictures photo 6Bridal Party Pictures photo 7

Rocking out in the limo

Bridal Party Pictures photo 8Bridal Party Pictures photo 9Bridal Party Pictures photo 10Bridal Party Pictures photo 11Bridal Party Pictures photo 12Bridal Party Pictures photo 13Bridal Party Pictures photo 14Bridal Party Pictures photo 15Bridal Party Pictures photo 16Bridal Party Pictures photo 17Bridal Party Pictures photo 18Bridal Party Pictures photo 19Bridal Party Pictures photo 20


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Here are a few pics from outside the church.  For the group shot, I really reccomend that your photog use a fish eye.  See the difference???



Chrch Pictures photo 1


Chrch Pictures photo 2


Chrch Pictures photo 3

My brothers

Chrch Pictures photo 4

With my sister

Chrch Pictures photo 5

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The reception was so beautiful.  There was not a single dry eye in the church.    Our Reverends were phenomenal.  We had 2 readings, 1Corinthians:13, and a poem.  Patrick had his Aunt (who sang back up for Celine Dion) and his best man perform Somewhere over the rainbow/beautiful world while we signed the contracts.  At the end of the ceremony the surprise that I thought wouldn't happen, did happen and it was amazing.  I had 3 singers perform Love by the Beatles while everyone was surprised by an electric guitar, flute and violin.  It was just amazing.

Reception photo 1

Reception photo 2

She gave me a hug, right before going in and asked if I was ready.  I almost lost it.

Reception photo 3

Reception photo 4 Reception photo 5


My dad carried my niece cause she wouldnt stop crying.  I loved it.  Thought it was funny but it bothered him that he couldn't focus on me.  You know what, crap happens.

Reception photo 6 

Reception photo 7Reception photo 8Reception photo 9


Reception photo 10

Reception photo 11Reception photo 12Reception photo 13Reception photo 14Reception photo 15Reception photo 16Reception photo 17Reception photo 18