Aug 21, 2010

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I did pretty much everything for the wedding myself so here are all the leftovers that I would love to pass on to another DIY person for their wedding!  I live in Orange County, CA but work in North San Diego and would prefer local pick-up from either area, but am willing to ship if you pay for the shipping costs. Please don't ask me to check on shipping if you are not serious about buying. 



Satin Tablecloths :

- 19 120" Ivory satin rounds (15 with a hole in the middle for umbrella, all have been washed but not pressed and one has a wine stain on it, 4 with no hole)  $10 each 

- 10 108" Ivory satin rounds - $9 each

-  5 60"x102" Turquoise satin rectangular $5 each

- 5 Turquoise satin pillow covers - $1 each



The pro photographer didn't really get any good pics of the centerpieces, but this is how we used all the below glass for sale.


For Sale photo 3

88 turquoise 3" tall - $1 each


For Sale photo 6

16 Rectangular vases 3"x3.75"x5.5" : $2 each


For Sale photo 2

90 Individual Sunscreen packets : 50 cents each (These were great for my outdoor wedding but I put them in a prettier box)


4 strands white lights with brown cord 28.5 ft long 100 lights each:  $6.50 each



31 led tealights most used a few brand new: 75 cents each


Unopened case of cocktail napkins 3,000 total - $40



1 56oz bags of plain M&M's unopened - $10 each

6 pack of Dry floral foam 2 5/8 x 3 1/2 x 7 7/8 inches : $6.00


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So I wanted to find a way to use our amazing e-pics so I decided to try to do my own waterbottle labels with my fav pics.  I think they came out pretty good.  I used one of my favorite quotes "The heart of marriage is memories." -Bill Cosby and then wrote below it "Thanks for being here to share this very special memory with us!"  Love it!  The bottles are a little frosty in the pics but it all looks really clear in person.

diy water bottle labels photo 1diy water bottle labels photo 2

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Cora716 got married at the same place we are going to, and her wedding was getting set up when we first went to look at the location.  She had all mismatched wine glasses and it looked really pretty.  I found her on here and she said that her family were big garage salers and had collected them up until the wedding and they were her favors.  I loved that idea so we are doing the same and we made tags with wedding quotes on the back of them to put on each glass.  I am trying to decide how I want to attatch the tags, but here are some of my tries so favors photo 1diy favors photo 2diy favors photo 3

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So since we are getting married outside in August in So. California we decided that it would be great to have fans for people to cool off or block the sun if needed.  We are having a really short informal ceremony and more buffet style food so I decided instead of a program or menu to put wedding FAQ on the back of the fans to make sure everyone knows everything that I would want to be able to tell them about the evening.  This is my prototype and had been in my purse so the edges are a little bent up, but they will look like this minus the edges when finished.  I got the template for the lace pattern on Martha Stewart Weddings.  It was meant for vellum luminaries, but the color it was in matched my colors perfectly and since some of the candles in the centerpieces have lace on them I decided it would be nice to bring it all together. The stick is a wooden ice cream spoon.  Got those at Jo-Anns. :)

diy fans programs menu FAQ photo 1diy fans programs menu FAQ photo 2

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We ordered the pocketfolds and all the cards and envelopes from  I got everything pre-cut because I knew we were gonna spend a lot of time printing, stamping, rhinestoning, and addressing so I wanted it to be a little easier.  I typed up the invites on photoshop, printed them out, and then we had a "help jessica finish her invitations party with my mom, his mom, and my MOH.  It was really fun and we got everything done in one day except for the addressing which I did over the next couple weeks myself.  I love the way they turned out!!  The only regret is that we forgot to put names or numbers on the rsvp cards and have gotten quite a few back that we don't know who they are from.... OOOPS!  We love the Mad Libs Theme for the RSVP though.  It has been really fun getting them back and seeing how creative and crazy our friends and family are. :)  Thanks to plumcrush01 for the mad lib!

diy invitations photo 1diy invitations photo 2diy invitations photo 3diy invitations photo 4

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Our photographer Ahmed from AACreations is aaamazing!  I love our engagement pics.  There were so many good ones, but these are a couple of my favorite. If you are looking for a great photographer check him out.  His website is  He specializes in South Asian Wedding Photography, but he does everything!

E pics photo 1E pics photo 2E pics photo 3E pics photo 4E pics photo 5E pics photo 6E pics photo 7E pics photo 8