May 23, 2009

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My Dress: Designer=Jasmine (Ordered online from Jay's Bridal $599 price includes s&h and tax). I had to budget because this was my 2nd gown, and I was afraid that my 1st gown was not going to sell, so I was already almost 2K over budget! Thank God, I recently sold my first gown on

Wedding Attire photo 1Wedding Attire photo 2Wedding Attire photo 3Wedding Attire photo 4Wedding Attire photo 5

BM's: I didnt want a traditional BM dress, I wanted them to buy something they could wear again. We went with a cocktail look from White House Black Market...$164 with group discount, and they can totally wear it again!

Wedding Attire photo 6Wedding Attire photo 7

Groom: He will be wearing a tux with vest to match the boys, but a black bow tie for a sheek and modern look. His rental $135, the dad's will wear the same as the GM's but have a jacket and dress shoes instead, there rental was $125.

Groomsmen: Will not be traditional...Our wedding is outdoor in May, so we decided not to do a full tux. Instead, the boys will be wearing a white shirt with a vest and tie (modern look), with tux pants. They will be sporting black converse instead of dress shoes. Kinda like this...

Wedding Attire photo 8


Boys rentals...Friars Tux $65

Ring Bearer-My Inspiration...

Wedding Attire photo 9

There tux...  ($29, and I bought them $5 newsboy hats from the childrens place, they will also be sporting converse)

Wedding Attire photo 10Wedding Attire photo 11



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I had a dinner for all of my BM's and I did a sneak peek at my decor...My future MIL bought 50 yards of damask fabric and she will be making all the runners for our wedding...also the cake table/candy buffet linens.

**I will be selling my runners after the wedding, I also have about 20 yards of fabric left over if anyone is interested please email!

The dinner was yummy, and I gave all the girls cards and wrote to each of them why I picked them as my girls! Then I gave them each pocket calendars (black, white, and yellow of course)...which I got from Wal-Mart! I went over important dates, and some of the major plans I had set at the time.

Bridesmaid Dinner photo 1 Bridesmaid Dinner photo 2Bridesmaid Dinner photo 3Bridesmaid Dinner photo 4Bridesmaid Dinner photo 5Bridesmaid Dinner photo 6


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Our venue will be used for both ceremony/reception. This venue was a steal!!! $1900 for the rental, security fee, and table/chairs (enough for 300 people). The best part is the alcohol is B.Y.O. and needs to be served by anyone over the age of 21!!! We have all the freedom, except the require a DJ from their list.

The grounds are so well kept, and the historic nature is gorgeous. With the spanish courtyard, gorgeous backyard, pool with light/fountain spray, and bamboo for backround setting...we were set! Everyone that sees it calls it a diamond in the ruff, because you would never know it was there until you find it! The website does no justice---Needs to be seen in person!

The pictures that I provided were random ones I found on the internet...different photographers blogs.
Visit my photographers blog to check out her quick view of Clarke Estate...
Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 1Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 2Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 3Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 4Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 5                             Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 6   Our Venue The Diamond in the Ruff photo 7     
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 Inspiration photo 1Inspiration photo 2Inspiration photo 3Inspiration photo 4Inspiration photo 5Inspiration photo 6

***I typically just cut and paste things that I love...I apologize if I didn't give you credit for your pictures, if you see one of your pictures on my blog, PLEASE feel free to email me and let me know so I can give you credit ☺

A bride who's blog I first stumbled across was amber. Her wedding was such an inspiration to me. What I loved most about it...It was modern, chic, vintage, and unique. Black and white is used a lot in weddings, but not with yellow (well at least 2 years ago it wasn't popular hahaha, now I see it more) Visit her blog at 

Well originally, I was going to do Pink/Brown because pink is my favorite color. I love the combo, but it was too traditional for me. I wanted my wedding to be different, I wanted it to stand out... Plus Pink and Brown combo looked to bland in our outside venue, there was so much green in the reception area, it needed some life. Kyle couldn't understand how I wouldn't have one drip of pink in our wedding yet I love it so much. Like I told my FH Kyle, just because pink is my favorite color doesn't mean its the best color to use in decor. I told him, "would you let me paint our house pink"? hahhahaha... so that is when our black and white with a pop of yellow was born!

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a wedding website

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The Proposal photo 1The Proposal photo 2

                                                                           (Photo taken by felicia Perry Photography)

Kyle and I have been together for five years. We have grown together, and been right by each other through it all--the good and the bad, the smiles and the tears, new ones being born, and loved ones dying. He is my best friend, and the love love of my life...Cant wait to be Mrs. Bonafede!

Kyle made me a video montage of all our photos and favorite songs for our one year anniversary, and at the end of the video it said TO BE CONTINUED...

Well, 2 years later he made me another video, but this time it was a lot longer and so much more special... at this point in our relationship we had done so much together! We had gone on tons of vacations, trips to the river, concerts, sky diving, holidays, graduations, etc. Throughout the entire video, we laughed and got emotional at certain pictures because it was such a walk down memory lane and it was very special.  At the end of the video our song played, and words swept across the screen reading WILL YOU MARRY ME? I could not believe it, I was completely frozen. He was on his knee, crying, and telling me what every girl waits to hear her whole life... we were both in tears hugging each other so tight, and he said "Dont you want to see your ring" hhahaha...that was the last thing on mind, believe it or not! It was Good Friday, and it was one good friday alright!

I wanted to be done with college before I tied the knot, so we decided on a 2 year engagement, which at first I thought would be a long time. Now that I am 2 months away from my wedding, I cant believe how my life has been on fast forward since that magical day.