Jan 23, 2010

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By Enzoani, love love loooooove my dress!

                   My Dress photo 1           My Dress photo 2

                       My Dress photo 3      My Dress photo 4

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It was a small simple reception filled with Love, Lots of Laughter, Champagne, Amazing Food and more Champagne :)

  Our Reception photo 1Our Reception photo 2 Our Reception photo 3

                         Our Reception photo 4 Our Reception photo 5 

  Our Reception photo 6 Our Reception photo 7

  Our Reception photo 8  Our Reception photo 9


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Pro-Pics tun tun tuhhhhhhhn! Finally, here they are :)

    My Pro Pics photo 1    My Pro Pics photo 2

  My Pro Pics photo 3  My Pro Pics photo 4  My Pro Pics photo 5

                  My Pro Pics photo 6   My Pro Pics photo 7

               Looking down the balcony as my family gave me a little hoorah! haha they're the best!

                                       My Pro Pics photo 8


                                       My Pro Pics photo 9

  My Pro Pics photo 10  My Pro Pics photo 11  My Pro Pics photo 12 

  My Pro Pics photo 13  My Pro Pics photo 14  My Pro Pics photo 15

                  My Pro Pics photo 16 My Pro Pics photo 17

                 My Pro Pics photo 18  My Pro Pics photo 19



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I just got back from our wonderful trip to Jamaica. I'm Still trying to adjust back to my old routines. We had an amazing time! The wedding was what I was hoping for, it was beautiful, simple, and intimate. About 25 chairs stood on white sand facing the turquoise ocean with pink rose petals running down the aisle. As family and close friends surrounded us, with sunny skies and the sound of gentle waves hitting the beach during our ceremony, this was when I knew I got the wedding I had always dreamed about.

Still waiting on Pro-Pics but I'll be posting non pro pictures as I get them. Jamaica stole my heart and we'll definately be going back soon!

  I m Married photo 1   I m Married photo 2 

 Picture of Signing Table & Sand Ceremony Table

            I m Married photo 3                  I m Married photo 4

  I m Married photo 5    I m Married photo 6

  I m Married photo 7   I m Married photo 8


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So my party was last night; I had so much fun with all of my girlfriends. It will be my last time partying as a single woman, but Girls Night will definately continue! :) Here are a few pictures....

Oh and I found a pair of super cute silver glitter pumps to go with my dress but of course my shoes didn't make it in any of the pictures!

Bachelorette Party photo 1   Bachelorette Party photo 2

Bachelorette Party photo 3   Bachelorette Party photo 4

All the girls gave me panties that matched their personalities and I had to guess which panty belonged to who....I sucked at this game but it was fun :)

Bachelorette Party photo 5   Bachelorette Party photo 6

Then more fun stuff. I think I went home with 12 lingerie peices and other fun gifts that night......I'm sure the FI will be happy haha

Bachelorette Party photo 7   Bachelorette Party photo 8   Bachelorette Party photo 9   Bachelorette Party photo 10

Bachelorette Party photo 11   Bachelorette Party photo 12

                                      Bachelorette Party photo 13

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My Bachelorette Party is next weekend eeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited! Bought the dress, now I just have to find accessories and shoes!

 What to wear photo 1What to wear photo 2