Jan 17, 2010

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Well the polls are in, and I'm not sure if it 's all manners or truth...


We did the best we could, with the budget we had ($1500)...[After all expenses, including hotel for the wedding night!]

And we have a beautiful photo collection, and some great memories!

And Our guests all say:

"It was the most loving wedding I've ever seen..."

"You were So beautiful."    - "It was my favorite wedding ever!"...


Needless to say, I'm satisfied!


Thank you And Hugs!... And Good Luck if your planning, my advice, let people help! This day is not about you! If it was... You'd both ELOPE! (It's cheaper!)

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I really Love Gerber Daisies! And Pinecones!

I want it to feel Like Winter in San Francisco! With snowflakes falling from the Sky, and pinecones in our centerpieces!


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In recent years I started veering away from wanting a Traditional White Wedding Dress... And More towards the Modern Woman's Suit... A Full Lace Cami, with a fitted cigarette jacket, and the perfect fit ivory trousers!! ^_~


But When Angela started describing her dream wedding, those desires started to melt away...


Looking for the "Dress", Was fun while going through websites and Magazines... But trying them on at the store, figuring out a BUDGET! No FUN!

First I went to Priscilla of Boston, found a GORGEOUS dress (If you can afford it, congrats, they have impeccable gowns!), Alas... I could NOT afford a $1100 Dress, When my total budget is about $1500...

Next we went to David's Bridal, Which cost wise was better, but construction wise... Such A Difference!! In order to feel supported I would have to invest in layers of undergarments! :(  

So then we started asking locals and friends and co-workers for advice... We were directed to outlet stores and department stores... It was starting to become an uphill battle...

After weeks of searching, we took a break and finalized our location options ("DO we Pay for a Park Permit or show up at a public beach and hope to not get kicked out", Which I hear DOES happen, often... We're getting a permit!)... We were driving down Geary st. In San Francisco, and saw a lit shop called "My Day Wedding". In the window we saw dresses and suits, so we parked and went in...

THIS PLACE! This place has a dress for EVERY occasion! and prices for EVERY person! AND!!! You can have a custom dress made, and then rent it for half price!!

Unbelievable! I know! But VERY MUCH TRUE!!

Since I had tried on almost 20 dresses, I knew my size (but they of course measure you), and I knew what shapes flattered me best! So I told them what I wanted, brought in pictures... And in a month and two weeks, I will have a FULLY custom Ivory chiffon strapless wedding dress, with soft embroidery and dark blue sequins along the bust and skirt slit! ^_~  I can't WAIT till my first fitting!




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^_~    WELL!!!!

We put in a request through a friend to reserve "The Motorcycle Club" here in San Francisco, for our reception...

I haven't seen the inside yet, which honestly is making me a little "mad"...And this kind of silliness so early on is just going to be a growing reck on my nerves!

The silver lining! At least we got one major item checked off our list!

Still not sure where we want the reception to be... our thoughts are a toss up between a beach or "sutro-baths" site... or a Golden Gate Park "Stow lake" or "Dutch Windmill" site... Either way, we need to contact the park service to get permits and fee information... @_@

Yesterday we went into office max to look at invitations (come up with ideas and prices). For a pack of 50, the average cost is $35. Plus we need to consider printing... A place I found online (papyrus.com) would cost $145 total, including printing, and with a much better selection of designs... But our first priority is our minuscule budget... So beggars can't be choosers...

No matter! Today I've decided to be Exuberantly happy! Today I'm looking for a dress!

My partner asked me to wear a dress, since it's always been her dream (my original idea was to wear a Hugo Boss white suit, with a full lace cami!). And I'm pretty sure she will be wearing a neutral toned suit...



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     So my partner and I had the GREAT Idea last night, while looking online for locations and venues, To start looking into renting a VACATION Home!! And If we can find one with a nice backyard... Then not only could a lot of our family stay there,... But we could also have our wedding ceremony and reception there!! ^_^





And I have a small group of images of dress ideas! And we have our date set! So it's all starting!!


Our goal, To Have a chic romantic (CHEAP) wedding, where when we look back at the photos we feel like it was much more glamorous then reality!!


In these hard economic times we have to pinch pennies! And still afford rent at the end of the day!!