Sep 06, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Thank God I only used her for my bouquets! Let me just say this vendor was the ONLY sourse of stress on my wedding day as far as vendors are concerened. DO NOT USE THEM!!! Here is my experience: I was called the day of my wedding only to be told that my final payment had not been received, and that certified funds were all that would be accepted...I told her I had mailed it out days prior and it should have been recieved. She said she'd double check and call me back. An hour later I called HER back since she hadn't called yet. No, she didn't have it. Let me just say I got married on a SUNDAY...all banks are closed! Furthermore, it's the day of my wedding and you call me? You couldn't call the day before? A week before? Fine -- I'll run around a town I'm not familiar with and get your money. Then the delivery person was supposed to be at my hotel at 2; at 2:15 we stared calling Christine every 5-10 minutes. No answer, no return call. At 3 the "delivery person" (probably her mom) shows up. No flowers. They left them at the venue. 3 hours before an event on a hot day with no refrigeration. Orchids! Furthermore I'd like to see what I'm paying for since Christine never sent me pictures of a mock bouquet as promissed. I should have insisted she go and get them but seeing as how we were leaving in 30 minutes for the venue and it was a 15 minute drive each way it seemed pointless. First mistake. My bouquet, which I had envisioned since I was 5 -- was HIDEOUS! I just about cried. I hated it... And, come on! $145 for 10 calla lillies?!?! PLEASE!!! It was to be a cascading pageant style. It was the kind you stick in a vase and send to a hospital room for God's sake! I mean how hard is it to see a picture provided by a bride and recreate it? I could have done it better myself. So I had told the delivery person to make sure my check that I had mailed out a week prior not be deposited. Second mistake. I should have cancelled the check but seeing as how it was a Sunday, Monday was a holiday and we left to St. Lucia for our honeymoon it was nearly impossible and I (stupidly) trusted them still. We got back from our honeymoon and they had tried (unsuccessfully) to get paid a second time and deposited my check! I got charged $30 and she will not refund me the $30 because "she got charged too" UH, HELLO?!?! It was your error that you deposited it! Let me digress a bit for the next part and say I had contacted Christine a few weeks prior and asked that she label the corsages and boutineers so there was no confusion the day of about who got what. Get to the venue and guess what? All corsages and boutineers are in 1 box (per type) with no lables. I spent 30 minutes of my 60 minute slot for portraits trying to remember who got what and write down a list for my assistant to make sure it was correct. (Again, I should have insisted I saw them before the "delivery person" left.) Why am I writting this review? Quite honestly to make a point with the vendor. Had you contacted me after I called you and left a message when I learned of your bank error I would have been ok. Had you not waited another 3 days to contact me after I wrote you an email 3 days after my phone message I would have been okay. Had you reimbursed me the measly $30 you rightfully owe me I would have been okay. But now it is my mission to see that you do not get any more bussiness and ruin other bride's days. i suggest all other unhappy brides join me in this mission. Next stop?
Services used: Flowers