May 22, 2010

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As I said, I never dreamed of this day, but it surpassed any dreams I could have had. The reason it was so wonderful is because we made it OURS. If I can inspire one thing in any of you Brides-to-be, it would be to add some personal touches. Make the day truly represent you. Little details here and there make all the difference!

~~We made it ours by...~~

1- We are country kids, pretty down to earth. We found some readings we liked, but none of them truly represented us. So I took it upon myself to fix that. I wrote a reading. I read it and 3 others that I liked to DH without telling him that I wrote one of them. I read mine last and he stopped me at the end and said, "You don't have to read any more, that is the reading we are going to use for our wedding." You can imagine how my heart melted!

I had a very close friend whom I wasn't able to have as a bridesmaid read it - reasoning that she is very similar to me emotionally. I thought my words would sound right coming from her. And they did. She did an amazing job and it was one of the highlights of the ceremony.

2- We wrote our own vows. Nothing was more important to me than hearing Rob make his own, authentic promises to me. It meant so much to hear his personal voice in his vows. I'm so glad we did this. {I'll post them later}

3- I tried for months to come up with something special to embroider onto some pretty fabric so that I could sew our ring bearer pillow. I finally decided that a pillow wasn't for us. Then pulling into the driveway after work one day, I noticed that my dad had trimmed some limbs off a smaller tree and the result was a very small, heart-shaped stump. I begged him to go back out that night and cut some heart-shaped slices of wood. I didn't know what I was going to do with them then, but eventually it came to me!

                                      The day I never dreamed of photo 1

We sanded it, used a wood-burner on it, and drilled some holes, and TA DA! This is one of my favorite pieces from the wedding.

4- The card box was another minor detail that I wanted to change up. Anyone who knows me knows how innately practical I am. I can't help it! I won't spend money on anything that I won't get a lot of use out of. So my solution for the card box was this: We just moved into a new home and needed a new mail box. The day before the wedding, DH went out and bought one that fit our aesthetic and our wedding colors. I dolled it up just a little and that was it.

                                        The day I never dreamed of photo 2

5- That 'Cheers' sign in the picture was something I saw while browsing the i-net. I showed it to my sister's boyfriend (somewhat of a woodworker) and this was his wedding gift to us. Again, wedding decor will become home decor in our entertainment room, thus satisfying the practical side of me. I love it and we got sooooo many compliments on it - thanks Paul!

These are just a few of the things we did to make the day ours. There will be more to come when I get more pictures!

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That is all... ;)

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Being the not-so-girly type growing up, I never dreamed about my wedding day or about being a bride. I'm glad I didn't, because nothing I could have dreamed could have lived up to our wedding day. Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted - personal and meaningful. Our reception was also exactly what we wanted...good food + yummy cake + full dance floor all night = the most fun we've ever had!

I used to imagine a quiet single life in a one room cottage with dogs for companionship. Boy, was I WRONG! I was blessed to meet my angel early in life - which is a good thing - because it took me a while to let my guard down! He is the Cory to my Topanga...I am such a lucky girl!! Every morning I wake up and cherish those moments we can lay in bed before we have to rush off to work and I think about him all day at work, itching to get back to him. Married life is so sweet. I love going home to the same place as him. I love all the little mundane things like housework and fixing dinner, because now I get to do them with HIM!

Without further ado, here is our first peek from our photographer:

                                                  We re hitched photo 1

I can't wait to see the rest and post a full recap and my personal advice for all of your BIG days!

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I am such a practical person and it really shows with these favors. I just couldn't make myself buy some of the super adorable favors that I knew my guests would toss out or leave on the table. I wanted something useful and I also wanted something that would dress up the tables. Here's what we came up with:

                                  DIY Favors Favor tags photo 1

Ta da! Wine glass favors. We etched *all 250* of them. It was a group effort from my mom, Rob, and me! (Mostly my mom and me though ;) I chose to etch them because a) I wanted something other than plain wine glasses and b) I wanted them to fit into our theme. So I found some rustic-y etching stencils at Michael's (wheat, grass with flowers, vine-y hearts). Then I used the monogram Rob designed to create favor tags. Throw in some chocolates for the guests to nibble on during cocktail hour and we're good to go! I'm pretty happy with them!

For the full DIY article, look here:

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We found a great place for the reception. It's a revamped old world hotel with a ballroom that has a vintage feel. It also has a huge window wall that overlooks the Mississippi River and the Clark Bridge, which is absolutely gorgeous all lit up at night. We aren't very religious, but we located a church nearby that is extremely accepting of all people. Since it reflected our philosophy on life and love, I didn't have to tell my once-lived-in-a-convent grandma that we wouldn't be getting married in a church!  ;)

Hopefully I will post photos soon!

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After scouring hundreds of invitation samples and checking out prices, I decided to take the DIY-route and in the process, save money and keep myself busy while FI is away at work during the week.

After comparing prices, seemed to me like the cheapest and I love their sampling system. So easy and cheap!

**I have to give HUGE credit to PWer ShellS for tipping me off to this. Her invites are posted in her Bio and they are gorgeous. She was basically my inspiration for taking this route!**

 I will post pics and updates as we go, but we have been working on them for a while now...

At this point, 2/19/10: I have been using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for months and have finally come up with the design I will use. Choosing a font is a story for another day, but is great for free fonts! We have also chosen our paper products and I have decided the layout. For now I will just post pics of my paper products. Hopefully next week, I will have a mock up to post, and then soon we will have them all assembled!

my paper route photo 1   my paper route photo 2 

Going along with that ~Natural Romance~ feel we kind of have going, I wanted to be as good to nature as I could. So most of our supplies are recycled products! We are using:

A7 Kraft Brown Recycled Envelopes and A7 Kraft Brown Recycled Pocketfolds-

my paper route photo 3

Recycled Sand Specks Text Paper, 70# 8 1/2 x 11-

my paper route photo 4  my paper route photo 5 (up close)

Red Wine Linen Card Stock, 80# 8 1/2 x 11-

my paper route photo 6


To be continued...

EDIT 3/24/10: They are finished!! Hopefully they will all be mailed out this week.

I literally worked on the design of the actual invite for months, and the design of the RSVP, reception card, and map for weeks! I am not a graphic artist, but I am happy with the result and that I can say that I did them!

Here they are!!

Aside from the postcard RSVPs, I printed everything at home on our printer. The invite, reception card, and map were printed on the Recycled Sand Specks paper. I used a borrowed paper cutter to cut the two inserts, but I wanted a more rustic feel for the actual invite, so I deckled the edges of the invite before matting it on the linen card stock. Deckled edges are pretty easy if you want that torn-edge look, all I did was print the invites with a faint rectangle around the outside to help with the size, then I placed a ruler down on the lines and held it firmly while I tore the excess off. I was able to do two at a time so it wasn't as time consuming as you'd think.

my paper route photo 7 

Vistaprint printed these beauties for me--- 100 for like $20 I think. My only issue with them was I am sending out about 115 invites and I only had the option of ordering 100 or 250 postcards (I guess I could have done two separate orders of 100), so I would have been left with 85+ postcards and couldn't justify the waste. So the wedding party and certain family members aren't getting RSVPs, simply because we know they'll be there and it made more sense than wasting so much! I also couldn't justify the extra expense for personalized stamps, so I had to go with the only postcard stamp USPS is carrying right now...a lovely polar bear, don't you think? ;)

   my paper route photo 8my paper route photo 9

On the left is the Reception Card I designed. I wanted people to have a visual reference of the venue, because it's an old building not all that well known -- that's what's up with the picture.  And the map was probably my favorite project. I really wanted to include the 'Muddy Mississippi' because we have both lived near it and played on it since childhood and the reception venue has an extraordinary view of it and the bridge that my dad was a laborer on (which I also included on the map).

my paper route photo 10  my paper route photo 11 

Here they are all nestled in the pocketfold :)

                                       my paper route photo 12 

And here are some pictures of them all wrapped up with ribbon and sealed with our monogram, which I also printed on Recycled Sand Specks paper and matted to the linen cardstock. I used the borrowed paper cutter to cut them all out. And all adhering was done with a Dot Glue Runner from Wal-Mart --- LOVED THAT PRODUCT! It was easy and cheap and I could pick up refills at ease without ordering more when needed.                                      

my paper route photo 13  my paper route photo 14

my paper route photo 15  my paper route photo 16                                            my paper route photo 17

I also printed addresses directly onto the envelopes (both delivery and return) - which took some figuring by FI on the cpu. I am the designer, he is the formatter ;)  (those are his words)