Jul 30, 2011

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WooooW!  I can't believe we are getting married!  I mean the way we met I would have never would have guessed!  My fiance' Paul and I ( Kelley) met at an apartment complex and I was a leasing agent. Paul came in with his friend to look for an apartment.  My first impression of Paul was that he was a pretty boy and I just KNEW he was a player.  Of course he was definitely HOTTT!  The man has a really sexy swag,  he's tall handsome with a sey smile and hazel eyes to go along with it!   Me I was dressed like a SPONGBOB! LOL! I had on some khakis and a plain shirt. I looked absolutely plain jane! I didn't think he would've been interested in me.   After that encounter he would call every now and then and send me clients, but I still didn't think he LIKED ME. He was doing that to see if I still worked there.. (he later disclosed).  The one that really put the cherry on top is when he had his kids mom tell me he said "Hi"! (she was a tenent at that time) WHO DOES THAT! From then on all of my co-workers use to tease me and say he really like you! I was still in denial!  Some times he would drop by all dressed up smelling good and sit at my desk and we would just talk about little things like kids, movies, and other topics that would come up from my peers.

One day he actually called me and I assumed it was going to be one of his hi and bye calls. Well to my surprise he asked if he could cook me dinner one day so we could get to know each other. I accepted! Guess what?  We have been INSEPERABLE EVER SINCE!  HMM! I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY AS I AM RIGHT NOW! I MEAN NO ONE CAN TAKE MY JOY!