Oct 16, 2010

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  This is Len and I We meet more than 2 years ago on line,

from the first day I knew he was special, but he knew as soon as 3 months that he wanted to marry me.

I took a while longer only because I had been married twice before, Not great experiances.

With a lot of Love and patients I finaly said yes and we are Heading down the ilse On Oct.16 2010

   This is Lens first (and only) time so Im letting him choose the theme..!!! O NO !!!

    He's a Titanic Movie Fan I mean crazy every 2 months we have to watch it Crazy...

So thats our era.. He will wear the Morning coat tux, and I am haveing a period dress made.


   We will have a British High Tea instead of buffet or sit down dinner. And for something Different we will have 

reception at a Karaoke Bar Should be fun!!!