Sep 25, 2010

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Centerpiece Ideas photo 1  Centerpiece Ideas photo 2

I love the simple sophisticated look that hydrangeas can bring to your centerpieces.

Centerpiece Ideas photo 3  Centerpiece Ideas photo 4


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I really like the idea of doing simple centerpieces with short glass vases filled with a mixture of flowers. I will probably scatter a few small votive candles on each table as well.

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We just recently booked a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise for our honeymoon! I've never been on a cruise, so I'm really excited about the honeymoon. Our ports of call will be Cayman Islands, Isla Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel.


Our Honeymoon fun in the sun photo 1                        Our Honeymoon fun in the sun photo 2


Our Honeymoon fun in the sun photo 3     Our Honeymoon fun in the sun photo 4

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What would a good wedding be without a big sugary cake?!? I was able to meet with the wonderful woman who will be making our cake, who also happens to be my fiance's parents neighbor (lucky us)! After obsessing over many pictures of really pretty cakes, here is a few cake pictures that I hope to take ideas from...enjoy ;)


Sweet tooth photo 1Sweet tooth photo 2Sweet tooth photo 3   Sweet tooth photo 4   

This will be the overall look of our cake, with a few adjustments. I love the shape of this cake, with the square tiers being off-centered.


Sweet tooth photo 5          I really like the colors used in this picture, which matches our purple color scheme. I plan on DIY project to make the "I Do" letters for the cake table.

Sweet tooth photo 6   I plan on having a similar "dot" pattern on the icing...either on every tier or every other.



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For my flowers, I think I want something that will really "pop" in comparison to my wedding colors. The bridesmaid dresses will be a shade of purple...possibly eggplant. I thought that a few different types of flowers with pinks, peaches, & some green would look great against my colors.


Flower Ideas photo 1     Flower Ideas photo 2  Flower Ideas photo 3


Flower Ideas photo 4   Flower Ideas photo 5


Flower Ideas photo 6

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