May 17, 2008

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Okay its the end of October I have about 6 months to go...and here is where we stand:

Hopefully the to do list will get shorter

Things we have picked out:

Location (ceremony and reception, includes meal, table, chairs, linens, dance floor, set up and clean up)
bridal party
bridesmaids dress
florist (everything picked out except my bouquet)
Photogrpaher (helps to have a father in the industry)
Photobooth vendor
Honeymoon (location, and airlines taken care of)
Invitation design
save the dates

Things to do:
Honeymoon hotel
bridal boquet
bridal party gifts
order cardstock and print invitations
hotel night before and night of wedding
reception favors
guitarist for ceremony or location comes with keyboardist (havent picked which we want)
pick hotel for out of town guests
pick rehearsal dinner venue
pick out flower girl dress

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We got engaged in New York on a weekend trip. It was May 13, (mothers day) and we were in Central Park. We rented a little row boat, and he asked me in the middle of the lake. He gave me a Princess cut with a pink sapphire in the middle. It is very pretty, and very me, I love color. So, we flew home the next day...and I had already bought like 5 wedding magazines at the largest Barnes and Noble I have ever been in. When we got home we immediatly started looking into locations...because living in LA, I had heard stories about place booking up more then a year in advance. After only 2 weeks of looking we settled on Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, California. It had what we wanted, and outdoor ceremony with a banquet area for the reception. Plus they were totally nice to us, and one of the best places we saw in our budget. Not to mention they had Saturdays in May 2008 open. So we picked May 17, 2008. Since then not a whole lot of other decisions have been made, but picking the location helped us make a lot of decisions. It took care of catering, and they provide chairs, and chair covers, linens, tables, a dance floor, some floral arrangements, a microphone for the ceremony, set up and clean up. So now we have the fun stuff to deal with, like the dress, and the cake. We have gone to several cake places, and agree that thus far we love Portos in Glendale...their Cuban cake is great.

We have made a decision on our DJ, we are going with The DJ Connection. We saw them highly recommended on another forum, as well as on we just decided to go with it. Now we are looking for a videographer...if anyone has any recommendations for videographers in the Southern California region...let me know.

So that is where we are...I plan on dress shopping in a couple weeks when I can gather a couple of my bridesmaids help me.

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Hi, so I am new to this whole wedding thing...probably most of us are, since ideally we only have one. I am learning quickly...I love planning, and I love hearing all the ideas that you all have, and becoming inspired for my own idea. But a little about us:

Eddie and I met 2.5 years ago, actually online. At first it was hard to tell people that..but we are a success...and the more people we tell the easier it is to say. We are both in the film industry, and work long hours...but it works for us. We are very supportive of each others career path. We moved in together in July 2006, but we have roomates, so we will be moving into oure own place in January or February.

We are working on oure wedding together, he is very helpful and doesnt want to be left out of decisions. I love that he wants to be involved because it makes it more special to me.

We are getting married May 17, 2008

Im sorry this is a very rambly bio. But it does tell a little about us.