May 08, 2010

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Flower for my hair

Hair Make Up photo 1

Hair will be down and swept off to the side for the Ceremony something like this:

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Hair will be all the way up for the reception:

Hair, Makeup

Make up Inspiration:

Wedding, Flowers, Bouquet, White, Makeup Wedding, Makeup

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Our Ceremony will be on the beach and we will have white chairs with Starfish hanging on the end of each row:

Ceremony Decor photo 1


The aisle will be lined in seashells

At the front of the aisle we will have 2 tall glass cylinder vases with floating flowers (flowers will be cream colored not orange) in water with stones at the bottom:

Ceremony Decor photo 2

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The actual arrangements will be a bit larger, and the vase will be different for the centerpieces, but overall perfect! There will be one centerpeice on each table surrounded by 3 different sized glass cynlinder vases with floating candles and I will scatter seashells around them (beach wedding).


Reception Decor Flowers photo 1


Reception Decor Flowers photo 2


Reception Decor Flowers photo 3

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Wedding #1-Oceanside CA

  • Beach Tote from Forever 21
  • Welcome Letter & Itinerary
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Postcards from Oceanside CA
  • Wedding #2-Punta Cana Dominican Republic

    I have found a lot of inspiration here and we are going to do the hotel check in sign, daily line ups and door signs for each guest to place on their door saying where they are (all templates are here):

    Almost all of our guests are out of towners too, we are doing:

    • Beach Tote from Forever 21
    • Welcome Letter & Itinerary
    • Map of the hotel 
    • Emergency Kit (sewing kit, shout wipes, antibacterial hand gel, shoe polish, bandaids)
    • Hangover Kit (asprin, gatorade, crackers, pepto bismol, mints)
    • Tropical Trail Mix
    • Water
    • Assorted Salt Water Taffy

    Text in Welcome Letter:

    Dear Family and Friends,

    The wait is finally over! Welcome to sun, sand and relaxation… welcome to  the Dominican Republic! We are both so thankful that you have traveled this far to be a part of our celebration!

    Included is some information to help make your stay a wonderful experience.  Enjoy the "goodies" as a small token of our appreciation. 

    Please make the most of your stay here in Punta Cana. We hope that the next few days will be as memorable for you as it will be for us.



     Margaret & Joe

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    Engagement Session photo 1Engagement Session photo 2  Engagement Session photo 3

    Engagement Session photo 4Engagement Session photo 5

    Engagement Session photo 6Engagement Session photo 7

    Engagement Session photo 8Engagement Session photo 9

    Engagement Session photo 10Engagement Session photo 11

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    We got our invitations from Papeterie

    They had the best customer service, great pricing and created beautiful STD's and Invitations for us.

    California Wedding

    STD Invitations photo 1STD


    STD Invitations photo 2Invititation

    (Both the STD and the Invitation are matted on a chocolate brown cardstock)


    Dominican Wedding


    STD Invitations photo 3STD (mounted on chocolate brown cardstock)

    STD Invitations photo 4Invitation (mounted on chocolate cardstock)