Sep 03, 2010

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( 3.4 / 5.0 )
I was excited about using this company as our Wedding DJ, but my husband & I were disappointed. At our meeting with the DJ we were very confident that the feeling we wanted for our reception music was understood. I was surprised that he had us pick so many of our favorite songs, but glad that he knew all of our favorite songs-mostly upbeat hip-hop/dance music that you would want to dance to at a club. He suggested a few songs to mix in for the older guests & we said that was fine. At the reception hardly any of the songs we picked were played! Also at our meeting we indicated we preferred NO REQUESTS from our guests & during the reception he continuously asked for their requests. I think he was trying to get people more involved by playing requests & oldies that he thought people would know, but WE know our guests the Best & we told him what to play to get them moving. So therefore our dance floor was practically empty for most of the night. It was even next to the bar so everyone had to pass it up every time they wanted a drink, no one stuck around because most of the songs being played simply weren't what my guests were excited to dance to. I would not recommend this service to others, because I think the price deserved a better service.
Services used: DJ