Sep 25, 2010

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Our English Mastiff "puppy" Nalla --- she's def momma's girl! This is her couch in my office where she sits with me while I PW :)

Our Furbabies photo 1

Our other little Shih-Tzu "Milo" --- This would be daddy's boy! so backwards haha

Our Furbabies photo 2

Last but not least our kitty "Beech"

Our Furbabies photo 3

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Neither one of us are big cake eaters so we don't want to do the traditional tier cake. We will have a single layer just to get the "cake cutting" pictures, and either cupcakes or "cake balls"...

I love this idea for the stand with the single layer on top with the cupcakes or the cake balls


Mmmm Cake photo 1                   Mmmm Cake photo 2

I want to decorate the table with "I DO" flower petals and candles

Mmmm Cake photo 3

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This has been the hardest part of the planning! We can't seem to decide where to get married!! We have a few ideas but have not locked into one yet.

***The one we love the most is renting a beach house and having everyone stay there and also get married at that location. I discovered this idea from fellow pw'er GatorBride after viewing her page.

***Another idea was for us to go to Fort Desoto, FL where we got engaged and rent a pavillion there.

***Idea 3 would be to go to the Grand Plaza Hotel that we love! It's an odd shape and it's just beautiful

***Yet another choice would be using a wedding planner through Platinium Wedding

***OR Jekyll Island

DECISIONS DECISIONS!! My goal is to have this figured out by November 21

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To keep the privacy of our wedding and the people involved I have made some pages private. If you would like to see these pages please feel free to add me. There are some things I would like to keep as a surprise :)

ALSO if you see any of your pictures please let me know so I can give you credit. Over time I have saved so many ideas without reference, so help me out :)


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I have pretty long hair already and will continue growing it out until the wedding. I am currently a brunette and think I am going to stay that way, FI likes it better. Here are some ideas of how I want my hair. I love the long loose locks but also like the idea of a head band

My Hair Do or Don t photo 1

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I would love love love to have peonies however if we get married in September they are not available :( We are discussing whether to have flake flowers, get some peonies flown in, or change the flowers. Either way here are some ideas of what I love

Bouquet Inspirations photo 1

I also want to use this bouquet for the hearsal. I believe I found it on Etsy but cant find it again! :( I will have to make one out of the colors we want to use

Bouquet Inspirations photo 2