Mar 03, 2008

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My husband and I (yes, we're civilly married for 2 years) met online. We both have previously long term relationships (his 10 years mine 8). To cut a long story short both our relationships didn't work. We tried online dating and after long conversations on the phone and weeks of full-day dating in person (which lasted for 6 months). We both realized that we were meant to be which is a little bit ironic since we are both the type of person to plan for everything. Which goes to show you can't plan everything in life....oh we also didn't plan to have our soon to be 1 yr. old son Nathan. But what the heck, he's our sunshine during our winter here in Minnesota. We already planned for a church wedding last December but cancelled because of him. We'll be having it though this September 6 in the Philippines where all our families can meet and reunite.