Oct 22, 2010

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Yay! I'm happily married! It's been awhile since I posted, but I definitely want to share some of my favorite photos! The day was simply amazing, and of course, it went by so fast! My advice to those who are planning the wedding is to definitely enjoy every nanosecond. My fiance (now husband!) planned a wedding in less than nine months! I had lists everywhere. Boxes of our DIY, wedding gifts, and arts and crafts accumulated in our dining room and living room. I stressed about money. I spent long hours (well into the wee hours of the morning!) on PW, getting ideas and meeting great people. But without a doubt, I would do this all again! It was a memorable day that our friends and family still talk about, but more importantly, it was a day that was about us! Enjoy!

MARRIED photo 1MARRIED photo 2

MARRIED photo 3

MARRIED photo 4MARRIED photo 5MARRIED photo 6

MARRIED photo 7

MARRIED photo 8

MARRIED photo 9

Will post more! I'm trying to create a slideshow, since there are so many photos that I love! Photography by Danielle Hopkins.

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OLD - Using the bouquet I caught and the garter that was put on from my bridesmaid's wedding two years ago

NEW - Dress, shoes, jewelry, accessories

BORROWED - Crystal rosary for my bouquet

BLUE - Light Blue perfume, blue underwear

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The same designers that did our coaster invites did our programs! I love them because they're smallish so girls can't complain that they don't fit inside their purse! They are 4 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall!

Our Ceremony Programs photo 1

The quote above the picture was also on our invites: "A friendship that was shared by two has turned into a love so true"

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I made stickers on Vistaprint! Two versions are for the welcome bags, and one version for our favor bags! They were having a 50% off sale, so for 260 glossy stickers, they were $75!


Customized Stickers photo 1   Customized Stickers photo 2


Customized Stickers photo 3

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I've always loved arts and crafts! I've gotten a ton of inspiration from everyone here!

These are a few things that I have done or is still a work in progress: Church Pew Cones, Lace-Covered Votives, YAY flags, card holder, and MR and MRS signs. I still need to do my toss bouquet, my dress hanger, BM dress hangers, Welcome bags, Bathroom baskets, candy buffet items, and our centerpieces!

MY DIY photo 1MY DIY photo 2

MY DIY photo 3MY DIY photo 4

MY DIY photo 5

Here is our ring box!

MY DIY photo 6MY DIY photo 7MY DIY photo 8

Door Hanger/Welcome Note

MY DIY photo 9MY DIY photo 10

Idea came from weddingbee

Bridesmaid Hanger

Materials: Satin hangers (8pack from Bed, Bath, and Beyond); Crystal Garland (Save-On-Crafts); Brooch (Fabulous Brooch), initial pendant (ebay - Amsco Online), thread

Sewed the crystal garland onto the hanger. Attached the brooch. Wrapped the necklace around the hanger. Easy as 1-2-3!

My cupcake stands for the Rehearsal Dinner!


Semi-DIY Unity Candle

Spray-painted the holder gold and added pearls around the vase.  Added some embellishments to the taper candles.


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So since we are doing a fun cocktail reception, I wanted to do our invites on coasters! The designer is The Nesting Project, and our coaster invites are on her site! :) Each coaster is double-sided with information for the main invite, accommodations, directions, and our website. We also included a quote, "Remember tonight for it is the beginning of always."

Half of our guests will be doing online RSVP, while the other half will be doing the traditional RSVP postcard. For the online RSVP, we added a place to enter a code on our website so that we can easily track their information. The RSVP postcard will also have a code in the corner in case they don't add their names.

I'm so excited to send these out!

Our Coaster Invites photo 1Our Coaster Invites photo 2

Our Coaster Invites photo 3Our Coaster Invites photo 4

                               Our Coaster Invites photo 5

Invites sent on 7/31/10 with an RSVP date of 9/1/10! 205 invited, expecting 160

RSVP stats as of 9/2/10:

Yes: 157
No response:15