Jun 07, 2008

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
We were here for a wedding in September 2007. Gorgeous location, cocktail hour food was awesome, the ceremony site was beautiful and the main reception site with dance floor was gorgeous as well. I can't really complain about the place, EXCEPT for the service. The servers were VERY rude... one girl literally flung the roll onto my plate, thus causing my champagne glass to fall and splatter all over my salad. She didn't apologize, just said that she'd bring me another one. Another girl dropped a knife and tapped my husband and asked him to pick it up while he was eating. At the end, I had another girl throw the piece of cake onto my table and somehow it happened to land under my dinner napkin. They are a piece of work. Gorgeous place, but HORRIBLE servers. They need to retrain these people.
Services used: Wedding Venue