Jun 27, 2010

Steve Skaggs
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Skiff's Cakes. We had an apointment for a cake tasting at 4pm. Due to serious traffic, we were late and arrived at 4:25. (bt we called to let them know we would be late) After apologing to the owner, he said it's okay but he needs to be finished by 5pm to make a delivery. We were told to look through their albums of wedding cake pictures and pick out what design we wanted. I told him I had some ideas of my own and wanted to get his thoughts on them. He said to look a the books and he would be back. At this point,about 6 customers came in to pick up cakes and he proceeded to help carry out cakes for each customer while we sat there with no cake to taste and no questions answered. I had to ask him if he had the cake to taste and he said oh yes, ran to the kitchen and returned with a styrofoam box of cake and icings. He told us what the flavors were, pointed at a list on the desk and said if you forget here is a list of the flavors. Then he said we could take the cake home to taste. (I took that as a hint that he wanted us o ut of there) He then rattled of prices then admitted he was hesitant to deliver to our venue due to it's precarious location. If that was the case, why not tell us that we made an appointment for the tasting?!?!? I tried to show him pictures of cakes I found in magazines and he said they were just for show, not really practical wedding cakes. At no point did he sit down with us. He was standing as if to run out the door the whole time. He left us to go do his delivery and said if we had any questions we could ask the girl at the counter. What a waste of our time! And very unprofessional and not willing to be creative.
Services used: Wedding Cake