May 15, 2010

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@ sawyer point, via vite, and fountain square

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 1 Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 2

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 3Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 4

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 5Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 6

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 7Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 8

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 9

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 10Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 11

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 12Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 13

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 14Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 15

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 16

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 17Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 18 

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 19

Pro Pics Sawyer point photo 20

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Pro pics First look Grooms gift photo 1Pro pics First look Grooms gift photo 2


first look

Pro pics First look Grooms gift photo 3  Pro pics First look Grooms gift photo 4

Pro pics First look Grooms gift photo 5Pro pics First look Grooms gift photo 6


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My cousins went in and got us the Bridal suite for 2 nights as a wedding present/shower gift. It was AMAZING. Bigger than my first apartment at 860 square feet!Here is some pics of my mom helping me into my dress:

Pro pics getting ready photo 1Pro pics getting ready photo 2Pro pics getting ready photo 3

Getting my hair/makeup done my Michelle Marx

Pro pics getting ready photo 4

Tada, Im finito

Pro pics getting ready photo 5Pro pics getting ready photo 6

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    So, I wish I could say it went off without a hitch. BUT, it was kind of the wedding of disasters. Which sucks, bc I put so much hard work into it.; but it was kinda so bad it was HILARIOUS.

I got my hair dyed two days before the wedding, and look at my roots= horrible.

5 15 10 Wedding Recap photo 1

We went to get our pics taken downtown and it was the civil rights game, so most of downtown Cincy was shut down, and there were 500,000 people all over the square

;( so we tried eden park and about 20 brides were up there getting pics taken. So with only an hour left we ran down to Sawyer point to get a few shots. I only got maybe 30 total. So sad. Then we met at the church at 5pm to get family shots done.  Neither mine or chris show up till almost 5:45. So we only got 15 min of family pics before I had to hid bc guests were showing up.

The ceremony was great, except that during our vowels the retarded DJ did her sound check and had music Blaring. (so loud someone had to go downstairs and tell her to turn it off.)and like 30% of the people who RSVP'ed didnt show up! What a waste of money! AND my priest changed all my reading at the very last second because he wanted different ones. Our priest's knees gave out during the vowels.

Then for the bridal party entrance she didnt do Michael jackson, but instead skipped over all my BP names, and did going to the chapel. RU4 effin real! Fast forward to first dance. "well I dont have your song right now, but if this was my wedding, I'd want this one." and proceeds to play some song i've never heard as our first dance song. Didnt have mom/son song either. We met with her in person to go over music. How in the F did she not have it!! Then the first 2 songs she played were on my do not play list. (she played 6/10 throughout the night) did my cake song before the cake, so had to sub another. My last dance song; mid reception. she missed playing the music for my slideshow and had to reshow it again. And didnt get to do a bouquet/garter toss bc she had no music. So my best friend- after me crying my eyes out- did a mock one after the wedding. AND she kept the music on during the speeches, so no one heard anything. I emailed and called her (the DJ) last night demanding a full refund or Im taking her to court. She literally ruined my wedding.

Then- the only task my darling husband had the whole wedding, was pay for the food. He forgot, of course. So they almost took it away. Seconds before I went down the aisle, I had to beg them to leave it. THANK GOD they let me call in the payment the next day just on good faith.

plus- the top part of my cake didnt get saved. And we didnt get any before it was all eaten! Then my bustle broke, so we were holding it and saftey pinning it up all night.

It was so horrible, that I couldnt help but laugh. It was either be super mad and cry all night, or laugh about how so many things could go wrong. So I drank-ALOT! instead :)

**finally to top it all off, we found out yesterday that some of our gifts were stolen. And the church called today and wants another $600 for beer money? ARE YOU SERIOUS. For what?

But heres the good:

The weather held out, which was great. No rain! The shots we did at sawyer point will turn out awesome. My hotel room was the Seriously a loft. It cost $375 a night and had a gorgeous view over the river into Cincinnati. It was a gift from my aunts. They rock!

Our rehearsal dinner was spectactular. I rented out an old haunted mansion. It was super dress and very very fun. The gifts were a smash. The guys loved their belt buckles and the girls all loved the individuality of their gifts. For once, not a complaint. And the food rocked!

We ended up last minutes getting transportation for only $100! Which was really cool. A big 15 passanger limo van that my dad drove for us. Hes so sweet.

All the details and hard work really paid off. The hall looked phenominal. Everything turned out way better than I expected. I cant wait to get the pics back to show you.

Ive never been so excited or happy in my life. I couldnt stop smiling. Chris was too.

My bridesmaids are freaking awesome. they helped with the 7 hour set up the day before and the 5 hour clean up the day after. Im lucky to have such great people.

The ceremony was beautiful, the food was yummy, the cake was so good not a single peice was left. The candy buffett and the photobooth were huge party pleasers.

Everyones telling me it was the best wedding they've ever been to- minus the DJ. So they didnt notice the problems, just me

We really had a fun time, when we started drinking. It was a blast. And ended it in some hot married fun :p

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The lovely ladies:

Bachlorette party 2 photo 1

Nic and jen

Bachlorette party 2 photo 2

The midgit stripper (omg he was so chubby!)

Bachlorette party 2 photo 3

my mom was so freaked out

Bachlorette party 2 photo 4

Kates, my MOH

Bachlorette party 2 photo 5

Bachlorette party 2 photo 6

Bachlorette party 2 photo 7


on the bus on the way to the bars

Bachlorette party 2 photo 8

at Cadillac ranch, we picked up some guy. He came on the bus and turns out he was a stripper too! So we got another one. (** he got fully naked- so this is the only pic your getting :)  )

Bachlorette party 2 photo 9

Bachlorette party 2 photo 10

Bachlorette party 2 photo 11

Bachlorette party 2 photo 12

my bestie

Bachlorette party 2 photo 13

Bachlorette party 2 photo 14Bachlorette party 2 photo 15

seiously the best.night.ever

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My Save the dates:
Vista print whore photo 1Vista print whore photo 2
Vista print whore photo 3 Vista print whore photo 4 one for enterance, monogram for cake table
escort cards:
Vista print whore photo 5
Napkin inserts:
Vista print whore photo 6
Buiness cards for outside of inner envelope of invites:
Vista print whore photo 7 Vista print whore photo 8
All this stuff for only $4.99 + $23 shipping!!!
My bachlorette party invites
Vista print whore photo 9
Magnet for the outside of my photobooth im renting
Vista print whore photo 10
a 20 page flip book of our engagement pics to put on the photobooth table
Vista print whore photo 11
My bridemaid cards (Im going to use scrapbook letters for their names)
Vista print whore photo 12
50 oversized postcards of these that Im going to put recipes on for the vodka bar
Vista print whore photo 13

Vista print whore photo 14

stickey notes

Vista print whore photo 15

cards for the vendors thank you and money

Vista print whore photo 16

For the front of our thank you cards. The back will be a pic of us w/our thank you parasol

Vista print whore photo 17

rehearsal dinner invites

Vista print whore photo 18

Large magnet for our car

Vista print whore photo 19

pen for guestbook

Vista print whore photo 20

Cards for Dj song requests

Vista print whore photo 21

Hats for us:
Vista print whore photo 22Vista print whore photo 23
Direction signs for all turns:
Vista print whore photo 24Vista print whore photo 25
This big banner to go above the exit door
Vista print whore photo 26
For Chris: on the back it has team huster/bunner and our bm and moh as captains
Vista print whore photo 27Vista print whore photo 28
for me, it says  " soon to be....Mrs. Huster" :
Vista print whore photo 29
2 packs of sticky note cards
Vista print whore photo 30
the business cards to pass out by front table for non pro pics
Vista print whore photo 31
letterhead paper
Vista print whore photo 32
Banner for Laurens bday next year:
Vista print whore photo 33
2 xl magnets for the sides of the car
Vista print whore photo 34
brochure im mailing out to all the Bparty members about day of activities
Vista print whore photo 35 Vista print whore photo 36
My drink menus!! So excited about these. I got 40 for only $15. Im going to mount them on thick purple sparkly cardstock to match my table numbers. YEAH!:
Vista print whore photo 37
Our doors to the entrace of the reception hall are metal, so this is a xl magnet that Im going to stick on it, so they see it when they come in.
Vista print whore photo 38
Plus I got return address labels, A stamp w/our address/name on it, and a planning notebook

I got ALL this stuff above for under $130 shipping included!!!!