May 15, 2010

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The bridal party photo 1 

I had 2 MOH's, 4 bridesmaids, a best man, 4 groomsmen, 2 ring bearers, 3 flower girls..and a partridge in a pear

The bridal party photo 2

Katie has been my best friend for over 14 years. There isnt anyone that I trust, rely on, or know is my true sister more. We always knew that she would be my MOH and I would be hers. I cant belive its here. I look up to Katie for so many reasons. Shes a loyal friend, giving, loving, truthful, and an amazing mother. But I think the best thing I love about her is that she gives it to me straight. Shes the first person to say that Im being an idiot and put me in line. I adore that about her and am definately going to need it during this whole process!

The bridal party photo 3

Sam is Chris' youngest sister and Laurens god mother. Its funny because when me and Chris started dating like a hundred years ago I thought she hated me. And now, I dont know what I would do without her. She is easily one of the most dependable and greatest people I know. Her feirce protection of her family and love for Lauren is only second to her awesome pants spliting skills. (lol) She is a freaking riot and will have this party hopping right out the gate.

The bridal party photo 4

Angie is also Chris' sister. From the second that I met Ang I instantly bonded with her. Me are almost eerily alike, yet very different. Angie is so respectful of everyones feelings and opinions and I know shes always there if I ever need anything. Chris and his sisters have this crazy tight connection that Im so envious of. We were just in Angies wedding in January, so I know she'll have a hundred suggestions to help me out with!

The bridal party photo 5

I can honestly say without hesitation that there isnt anyone I have ever met that is quite like Kendra. (In the blue)Shes crazy,fun,loud,defined,and one of the greatest friends I have ever had. Shes the one person I know without hesitation would drive 12 hours to come see me if I needed anything without even asking what it was. Shes a beautiful person all around and someone I know will be my friend for the rest of my life. She embraces and encourages me growing up when no one else does. Im so proud to have her in my wedding and to help me with all the things I have no clue about- like everything.

The bridal party photo 6

Jen: OMG the things this girl knows about me! She was there for the worst of my worst. We partied like we were getting paid to. And I am not an easy to person to live with, but she did it with stride and ease. Like everything we have our ups and downs, but I know that Jen will always be a constant in my life. She is in every way that matters my little sister.

The bridal party photo 7

I met Nicole at Mercy a few years ago. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met-ever. There is never a hidden agenda with her. Shes hilarious, kind, trusting, and giving. She fastly became on of the main go-to people in my life.


The bridal party photo 8

Our daughter lauren and her cousin Bailey (Angies daughter) will be our flower girls. How freaking cute are they going to be!

The bridal party photo 9 The bridal party photo 10

Aaliyah is Katies daughter. Shes going to also be a flower girl and help me get the two little ones down the isle w/as little problems as possible.


(I dont have all the pictures)

The bridal party photo 11

Brian is Chris' brother-in-law. They are ALWAYS together. Brian is prob. Chris' best friend. The two of them are always taking the girls out when me and Angie are working. I know if I come home and hes not here, hes w/Brian. Hes a great guy, a stellar dad, and a wonderful husband. His and Angies marriage is the epitemy of what a good marriage should look like.

The bridal party photo 12

My brother from another mother. Brent is Lauren's godfather and one of my best friends. He has the greatest heart and has been my shoulder to cry on for over 7 years. Brent is and always will be so special to me, and Im honored to have him stand up for me.

The bridal party photo 13 

This is Timmy. I use to work w/him @ Express like a thousand years ago. And we loved each other so much, its been kismit ever since. He is the best person to curl up with, bring you goodies when your sick, and drink away the blues with you. Hes a genuine, good hearted guy, thats just one of the girls.

Then Chris is having his friends Steve and Alex also. Im not sure who best man is, he cant make up his mind.


The bridal party photo 14

These are Chris' little Cousins Alexa and Jacob. They are cute...and hell on wheels. This should be funny. The perfect kids to hold the "last chance to run chris, banner"


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This is the bridal party table:

Tablescape photo 1 Tablescape photo 2

Tablescape photo 3

White linens, with dark plum runners (this is the parents table so it has pictures of us growing up on it.                                                              

Tablescape photo 4

the message in the napkin was this:

Tablescape photo 5 

Our plates are disposable bamboo:

Tablescape photo 6 

We will have 3 Banquet tables put together to equal one long table per set. This will be the centerpeice on the end tables:

Tablescape photo 7(w/my drink menu in the cork holders)

The middle centerpeice was:

Tablescape photo 8

 This is our Bride and Groom signs:

Tablescape photo 9 Tablescape photo 10


This will be hanging above us:

Tablescape photo 11 


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 These are my invites from Charlson. The something Unique line. I got them from land of Oz in Cheviot, OH (a discount invition store) they give 30% off all invites, so I got 100 for $100. great find:

Invitations Save the date photo 1 This is the inner envelope. On it is a business card I got from Visaprint w/ the address of the church/reception and the website to RSVP.

heres the inside:

Invitations Save the date photo 2Invitations Save the date photo 3Invitations Save the date photo 4 definately different, but its very us.  Then I printed out pictures of the google map from on 4x8 photos and attached it to lavender cardtock. On the back I wrote " Please join us for an Adult Only reception following the ceremony"  and a little blurb reitterating the RSVP site w/the date.

My STD's from visaprint. free postcards $7 shipping

Invitations Save the date photo 5Invitations Save the date photo 6


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This is Chris at his firefighting graduation. I think he's so hott! He is hilarious and on top of that very loyal and sincere. He puts his family first and wears his heart on his sleeve. Im blessed to have found him.

Our family photo 1

The is Lauren, our 3 year old. I could brag about her for hours, but instead I'll just say that shes the smartest, most amazing child ever. And of course the cutest ;)

Our family photo 3Our family photo 4


Our family photo 5 Our family photo 6


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 This is the sign for the bathroom. (it wont say this, I just had that one there. its our message board :) it was accompanied with a little basket of goodies. It said " to keep you looking snazzy. love, Chris and Amanda

 DIY Projects photo 1

Our knife/cake cutter

DIY Projects photo 2                   

Our toasting flutes

   DIY Projects photo 3 DIY Projects photo 4

I have four of these for the church doors.

DIY Projects photo 5 DIY Projects photo 6

Our sign                                                       

DIY Projects photo 7   

This isnt a good pic of it, but its all I have. This is for my candy buffett. I painted cones purple and added gold swirl branches and peacock feathers. The name of the candy will be on the frames (8/$1 ala family dollar) that I painted and inserted cardstock in. I painted the love sign too. There will 9 of these for the candy buffet all laying on a bed of moss, and lit by led lights. (hard to explain, but looks really cool when put together!)

DIY Projects photo 8   DIY Projects photo 9

Painted these for the cake table. They are gold and eggplant to match our cake.

DIY Projects photo 10 DIY Projects photo 11

These arent the ones I did, but they look identical. I made 32 of these to hold our drink/wine menu on our tables

DIY Projects photo 12  DIY Projects photo 13

These are two vistaprint banners. The monogramed one is going to hang off of our head table in front of me and chris.  The second one w/the two of us, will be right before you go into the hall, or above the card table, I havent decided. But since its a banner (small size) it can be framed after, for our room. <3

DIY Projects photo 14 DIY Projects photo 15 

These are from vistaprint too. Im sudo obsessed w/that site. $3.99 for 250. Im using them as our escort cards.

DIY Projects photo 16 DIY Projects photo 17

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Photos by Micheal Bambino Photography

Engagement Pics photo 1 Engagement Pics photo 2

Engagement Pics photo 3  Engagement Pics photo 4Engagement Pics photo 5

and some from Adrienne Beth photography

Engagement Pics photo 6 Engagement Pics photo 7 Engagement Pics photo 8 Engagement Pics photo 9 Engagement Pics photo 10 Engagement Pics photo 11