Oct 10, 2010

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So my blog.... maybe I should introduce myself? I'm Heather 23 engaged to Scott he is a builder, I'm just a stay at home mummy to a terror child Rohan who is 18 months old, he's also the centre of our world.

When scott purposed I actually knew it was coming because I picked out the ring =o) I guess in a way I had to proposals the first was Him saying just before christmas last year "If I buy you a wedding ring for christmas does that mean I don't have to buy you anything else for christmas?" I responded with "your not ment to tell me!" a few days later I picked out and he brought the rings I chose. Just after new years I walked into our bedroom where we had been watching movies and our son had my ring on his finger and he handed it to me as scott asked me to marry him =o) was awesome to have our lil boy invovled =o)

Our date is 10/10/2010

we are having both our ceremony and reception at lakelands golf course which is on the Gold coast in Australia which is where we live. You may view the area at this link: http://www.lakelandsgolfclub.com.au/function/index.html

My dress I have already chosen and paid for it is in the process of being made it will look like this:First Blog photo 1 Here is the front view


and the back will look like this except the red on the back is not there

 First Blog photo 2


Brides maid dresses are these:

First Blog photo 3

here is an example of our invitiations

First Blog photo 4


So far this is all we have decided on. And that is the end of my first blog.

bye bye