Jun 25, 2011

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The theme of our engagement session was a Retro Love Affair. I didn't want it to be too literal, with costumes and dramatic lighting. I wanted something that would reflect us now and forever. So here is what we ended up with:

A Retro Love Affair photo 1  A Retro Love Affair photo 2

A Retro Love Affair photo 3

A Retro Love Affair photo 5

         A Retro Love Affair photo 4   A Retro Love Affair photo 9



A Retro Love Affair photo 6

A Retro Love Affair photo 7  A Retro Love Affair photo 8

A Retro Love Affair photo 10

A Retro Love Affair photo 11

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Thanks to the girls at Sweet and Sassy we now have FSD's wedding hair. Her hair is always in a ponytail partially because she can't control it any other way but the girls at Sweet and Sassy put it in the cutest bun I've seen in a long time and I'm so thrilled. This style is mature without being too mature, although I would like to see it cleaned up a little and possibly a braid instead of a flat twist.

Tiana s Wedding Hair photo 1  Tiana s Wedding Hair photo 2

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My original thought process has been the same through out all of this but because I look at so much inspiration I always want alter or adjust my vision. However, when I found these inspiration boards I just knew that they are just what I'm looking for!



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These are pix from the second PW G2G.. the first was with just me and lcornish1 (I love her)! The second G2G was at the Cafe Adobe on Westheimer in Houston this past March! I had such a blast with all the girls. I can't wait until we get together this Friday (05.14.10) but until then enjoy!

Second Houston PW G2G photo 1

(from left to right): thenewmrs.elepano, jennypaul87, ms_elbony, and bridezilla101610

Second Houston PW G2G photo 2

Notice my hand was the only one without my bling... booo... my new e-ring hadn't arrived yet but she's here now and dying to get a PW ring pic!

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Everyone loves ring shots and I'm no exception. The first set of pictures that I took of my e-ring were pretty pitiful so I thought that I would take some new ones. I added my late FFIL's watch just as a bit of nostalgia and as an accessory:

RingShots012.jpg picture by theonlytruesouthernbelle    RingShots013.jpg picture by theonlytruesouthernbelle 

RingShots010.jpg picture by theonlytruesouthernbelle    RingShots014.jpg picture by theonlytruesouthernbelle

FI really loves his father's watch and since he is no longer with us I thought it would be cool to include in my bio. This is he watch that he'll most likely wear on our wedding day!

I'm totally excited that my wedding has been moved to Las Vegas, I feel as though I'm taking control of my wedding again. I am now having the small and intimate wedding with retro styling that I've always wanted. I'm completely inspired by the wedding images below, the photographer really captured every ounce of my imagination: