Sep 12, 2009

Choco Studio Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
To us, choosing Mike & Natasha was never a choice, it was more of a given. And to date, this is the safest, the easiest and the fastest wedding decision we ever made. For one, were fortunate to have them in our arsenal of friends, and we know behind the scenes just how dedicated and professional they are. For two, they do a damn good job - these guys are a guarantee for the perfect wedding pictures. All these years of me stalking their blog with secret desire to one day be featured on it, flaunting the ring and the husband, paid off - Im there! And the pictures are surprise, surprise great! We had our wedding in Hawaii, and in addition to the wedding day we had a trash-the-dress session in the rainforest. Guys had to drag their camera equipment through the jungle while beating off mosquitoes at the same time. The second part of the session was on the beach with majority of the shots in the water. Guys got neck deep in the water with us, while being extremely careful not get their camera equipment wet, and still worked the limited amount of angles to get the most amazing pictures. Plus, not every day I see a photographer so dedicated to getting the best shot he would get in the water in his boxers! Mike & Natasha always go that extra mile to make the bride & groom happy. They are extremely organized and got all the right shots and more without monopolizing our precious time. They also made our tricky family portraits a 5 minute breeze instead of an expected half hour long affair. They also got the funniest and most memorable shots of us during preparations. Am I happy with our choice of photographers? Yes, very much so. Would I be writing just as excited of a review if we werent friends? ABSOLUTELY.
Services used: Photography