May 21, 2010

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We're Married!  Here are some photo's from our day! (All Photos Courtesy of McGowan Images) :)


Mark Tiffany photo 1

Mark Tiffany photo 2Mark Tiffany photo 3

Mark Tiffany photo 4

Mark Tiffany photo 5Mark Tiffany photo 6Mark Tiffany photo 7Mark Tiffany photo 8Mark Tiffany photo 9Mark Tiffany photo 10


Hi! Welcome to our Wedding Bio!  Mark and I will be married on May 21, 2010 in McKinney, TX.  I don't really know how to start here so I will just add photos and details I guess!!

My profile is friends only, so please send me a request to see it all! :)

Our Venue is a local country club.  It has a beautiful ambiance and yet still laid back and not stuffy.  Just what we were looking for.  Check!

Next our photographer, McGowan Images.  They are the greatest!!  Here are a few of favorite our engagement pics (and my profile pic too!):

Mark Tiffany photo 11Mark Tiffany photo 12


Let's see, how about Bridesmaid dresses?  They will be wearing a two tone dress from Eden Bridals.  It is just like this one but the main color will be black but there will be a fuchsia sash and underskirt part.

Mark Tiffany photo 13

Also loving the idea of ribbon pearls for the girls:

Mark Tiffany photo 14

Next is for MY DRESS!  Maggie Sottero- Adelaide!  I am IN LOVE with her. Seriously.  The photo of the back of it is me... somehow or another I only ended up with a photo of my back from my fitting.  I know my Mom has the rest... I will upload some soon!

Mark Tiffany photo 15


Mark Tiffany photo 16


Mark Tiffany photo 17

Mark Tiffany photo 18


Nina-Electra in Ivory.   I wanted fuchsia pretty bad but nobody liked the idea, including FI so I folded on that one!

Mark Tiffany photo 19

Cakes: (mine is amaretto creme and strawberry creme, and his is chocolate ganache or something like that.  So GOOD!)  From: The Cake Guys

Mark Tiffany photo 20Mark Tiffany photo 21


Bouquet Inspiration: (LOVE this!)

Mark Tiffany photo 22

Ceremony Decor Inspiration:  (Love these vases, and will have arrangements similar to these but in our fuchsia and pink shades!)

Mark Tiffany photo 23