Jul 17, 2010

Amber Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
AMBER IS AWESOME!!! If you're looking for a wedding planner, look no further! Honestly, she was the key to our wedding being a hassle-free day and a beautiful memory for us. I only wish that there were a million Ambers in the world so each couple could have her on their wedding day!

Amber is professional, organized, honest, sociable, and really just the perfect person to coordinate everything for your wedding day. We had a year and a half long engagement, so you think it would be ample time to plan everything, but of course I had to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to do everything. Not once did Amber complain about this or or even mention it. She was always very polite and concerned with how we were doing emotionally, which we both really appreciated. Through all the hectic planning, it's very rare that someone actually asks you this very important question. When I was confused or had doubts about what to do as far as etiquette for the rehearsal dinner, to dealing with other vendors, Amber was my consultant and knew exactly how to handle each situation. I thought we hired someone to just handle the coordinating and logistics, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much she counseled us through things.

Prior to the wedding, we spoke on the phone and met with Amber and she gave us a wealth of information on what to expect the day of, from how our relatives would behave to "what if" scenarios with vendors and she is prepared and has a solution for everything. Amber is truly a walking encyclopedia of wedding knowledge that you cannot find anywhere else. She gave us detailed timelines for everything and had everything down to a science so we felt so comfortable the day of the wedding knowing that we didn't have to worry about when the bridesmaids were going to walk down the aisle, or when the food would be served, or when the dances were.

On the actual day of the wedding, she saved the day and went above and beyond her actual duties to ensure that we had an amazing time. The best part of it (well, for us at least) was that we never knew of any mishaps behind the scenes. She took care of every situation and even when I asked if everything was okay she just smiled and reminded me to have a great time! Our wedding was in Malibu and the weather was a sweltering 90 something degrees at Rancho del Cielo, atop of one of the canyons. Well, a few days before our wedding, the caterer decided that they were only going to bring 2 bags of ice (no that's not a typo, 2 bags!!!), wasn't going to have the staff set up any of the tables, was going to set the champagne on each table for guests to pour themselves, and wasn't going to tear down any of the tables. As you can imagine, I was in the middle of a mini freak out but knew that I had a call with Amber scheduled in about 1 hour. Well, it turns out that Amber had talked to the caterer as well and without knowing the bit about the ice, had a feeling that something like this might happen based on her previous conversations with the caterer and scheduled an ice truck delivery for the day of our wedding. It was like Christmas morning when I talked to her. I didn't even know that an ice delivery company existed!! Anyway, she even handled the set up/tear down situation and used her excellent charm and business skills and asked the rental company to do us a favor. On top of that, since our caterer understaffed our wedding, Amber and her staff helped with the tables and were pouring champagne for us and basically did what the caterer was supposed to be doing the entire time. She really saved our wedding and I am so grateful to her and her staff for everything they did on the day of. What could have been disastrous was prevented by Amber and her experience and professionalism. She wanted us to have a special day and basically did the work of 10 people to make sure everything happened the way we wanted it to. Not once did she utter a complaint and at the end of the night I could tell she was exhausted, but she still had a smile on her face.

If you're going to splurge on anything, my advice would be make sure you get a coordinator! It will save you so many headaches and is well worth the money. You and I, and the rest of the world are not professional event planners and let's face it, weddings are basically enormous parties that no one knows how to plan...except for Amber!
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