Nov 20, 2010

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Check out my inspiration:

The inspiration photo 1


The inspiration photo 2The inspiration photo 3

The inspiration photo 4The inspiration photo 5


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I love my animals so much, they are just adorable.

The children photo 1The children photo 2

Bender our four year old Basset Hound

The children photo 3

Boi aka "the Boss" our five year old moggy

The children photo 4The children photo 5

Ziggy our latest edition - blonde border collie and 16 weeks old - so cute!!

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The love of my life photo 1The love of my life photo 2

This is my FI - He's amazing, we really have soooooo much fun together. He is currently studying to be an Aeronautical Engineer so he's really smart. He loves his music too and plays guitar (he's really good) which I absolutely love. He's a great catch ;)

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**Some of my pages are friends only for privacy reasons. Please go ahead and add me as a friend if you'd like a peek :)**

My name is Maddy and I am from Australia. I work in PR and absolutely love my job. Although I work full time, I am also studying full time for my Bachelor of Management. My FI and I currently live in our Nations Capital but we have moved about a little bit since his job requires him to change location every few years.

I love:

  • music - I'm really into punk and the heavier stuff, although I absolutely love indie/alternative rock. I like a little bit of everything else from jazz to hip-hop to dance.
  • the beach - I grew up on the coast and spent most of my days at the beach. Where I live now is about 2 hours away from any beach so I really miss it.
  • hanging with friends - whether it be dinner, a games night or just sitting down with a bottle of wine and chatting
  • my fur babies - we have a blonde border collie called Ziggy, a bassett hound called Bender and a cat called Boi
  • wine - I am lucky to live near one of Australias gorgeous wine regions and I strongly take advantage of that
  • and of course - my FI - he's so hot and he plays guitar which I absolutely love! He's my best friend in the whole world!