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The Engagement:

Matt and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on July 8, 2009.  We began the evening with a romantic dinner at Stoney River in Cool Springs.  We indulged in a wonderful, yet filling, dinner and chocolate dessert, compliments of the restaurant. After dinner, Matt suggested we needed ice-cream to top everything off. Now, keep in mind, we were both stuffed to the rim after eating at Stoney River and had a bag full of food to take home!  However, we ended up in downtown Historic Franklin and decided to get a small scoop of ice-cream at Baskin Robbins. We started walking down the sidewalk and we ended up next to, what we refer to as, "our tree."

You're probably wondering what kind of significance the tree has. Well, when we first started dating we took several walks around downtown Franklin.  One night, while we were around the tree, I told him that he had to bring me back to this very spot on our 1 year anniversary. When our 1 year anniversary came around, he did just that.

So, there we were, two years later, back at our tree. Neither one of us could eat anymore of our ice-cream, so he handed me his ice cream cup and said, "Go through this away." Now, for those that know me, it's usually the other way around.  It took me a minute or so, but I turned around and threw our ice cream cups away in the trash can a couple steps over.  As soon as I turned around, Matt got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I couldn't begin to tell you what exactly was said, but I do remember how beautiful my engagement ring is and me saying, "Are you serious?" about fifty times.

It was a very surreal moment. The ring was perfect and I couldn't believe we were getting married! While we were walking back to the car, I did say, "Oh my god, you asked my dad first right?" He said he did and we rushed home to show my parents, make the phone calls to family, and send a mass text message out to all our friends. Well, that wasn't the end to our night either. He told me to pack an overnight bag because he had reservations for us at the A Loft Hotel. We checked it, had a few drinks, and enjoyed the rest of our romantic evening.

So, needless to say, it was perfect.


My ring:

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More to come.. I promise. :)