Apr 03, 2010

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I never thought I would get married so I can't say "As a little girl I imagined my dress would be....".  But once I got engaged and actually starting looking at dresses I wanted something full yet flattering.  A week after being engaged my friends were like "You gotta go try on dresses!"  So I started looking at DB's website and became mesmerized with this lil lovely (posted link only to make sure I didn't violate any terms):

And I thought it looked good on me but I'm FRUGAL!!  And the price tag didn't really appeal to me but I still loved it.  This is me in the dress (ignore my hair).

Dress Inspiration vs Reality photo 1     Dress Inspiration vs Reality photo 2

Fast forward to 6 months later,  I decided to keep looking.  So I found this.  It wasn't my size but I was getting closer.  And I just loved the detail!!!

Dress Inspiration vs Reality photo 3     Dress Inspiration vs Reality photo 4     Dress Inspiration vs Reality photo 5

Fast forward to about 3 months later to a Monday in October, a local bridal store sent me an email telling me that their Alfred Angelo dresses were on sale.  Now this store doesn't have a dress over $599.99, which is still kind of high to me, but oh well.  Didn't like the way the Alfred Angelo dresses fit on me so I kept looking.  I took an older co-worker with me and she was like, "Just keep looking".  All I saw was a fitted dress that was totally the opposite of what I looked for but when I tried it on, I just thought "I like".  But the lady who owned the store said she had never seen a dress cut like that fit someone so well.  Flattery got her everywhere!! LOL But there was a lil old lady there with her (b/c of how old she looked I'm thought it was her granddaughter) daughter and she told me "That's your dress".  I actually didn't buy the dress that day.  I went to the next best place...eBay!  I struggled to find it b/c the store owner wouldn't let me take pics nor tell me who it was designed by.  But after a day of searching I found it on eBay, in my size and had it by the end of the week, for less than half of what it sold for in the store.  How do you like those apples!!!

Dress Inspiration vs Reality photo 6

OH HOW I LOVE HER!!!!! She was just right for me.  For more pics, check out the link in my bridal portraits page.

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I created this monogram first just playing around.  I thought I would use it on our DIY aisle runner.  But I'm not sure how to do the black part.

DIY Monogram photo 1


So I came up with this one as a possibility which may be easier but I don't like it as much.

DIY Monogram photo 2

To spruce this one up, I think I'll put use the border and spell out our names and use it on our runner.  We'll see how this goes.

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These of pics of my semi-DIY pocketfold invitations.  If you're wondering the pocketfold is the only part that wsn't DIY.  I didn't have that much time to devote.  I created the monogram on the outide.  When you open the initation, the base is printed on white cardstock and the overlay wasn't printed on velum and tied together witha black ribbon.  In the pocketfold, I have the "From Out Of Town" insert that shows directions from the major cities and airports including maps; "Map" insert that shows a map from the ceremony site to the reception site; "Registry/Hotel Info" insert which is pretty self expanatory; and the "RSVP" insert.  Behind all the inserts is a self-addressed stamped envelop for easy return.  Everyone seems to like them.  DIY Invites photo 1  DIY Invites photo 2

DIY Invites photo 3  DIY Invites photo 4

DIY Invites photo 5  DIY Invites photo 6

DIY Invites photo 7  DIY Invites photo 8

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I wanted something different and unique for my jewelry so I had someone create something for me.  My inspiration came from a DIY project I saw on Style Me Pretty.

I sent Jazmine of Stars & Rocks a pic of my dress and I told her I wanted something eclectic similar to what was on SMP's website and she went to work.  I'm speechless with the results.  And she's creating earrings and a bracelet to match.  I haven't seen those yet and I think I may tell her not to send pics so it'll be a suprise.  Here's the necklace.

My Jewelry photo 1

My Jewelry photo 2

My Jewelry photo 3


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We received rings this week.  His ring tungsten and blue.

  Rings photo 1






And mine is white gold plated in rhodium, blue sapphire & diamonds.

Rings photo 2

I'm debating getting another one and wearing it on top but we'll see about that after the wedding.

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YAY Engagement Pics photo 1

We took engagement pics about 3 weeks ago and although we saw proofs the same day, we just decided to post some.  Check them out here:

Our budget for the wedding is $5000.  These pics were done by a friend of mine who isn't a "professional" photographer but to me, she should be because she's just as good.  She did them as a gift and I'm so thankful for her.  Tell me what y'all think.