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Our Story photo 1Our Story photo 2Chris and I are two normal people who very much love being around each other. We laugh, joke, play and cuddle just like every loving couple. We don't need fancy dinners out or long weekend getaways to enjoy each others company. We can find enjoyment in one another no matter the setting. We pride ourselves on being a couple that knows how to communicate, compromise and give selflessly to one another. We can honestly say, we have never risen our voices and can work out any disagreement in a fair and loving way. We actually went on a 12 hour car ride, never turned the radio on and the conversation never went dull, nor did we have not even a flicker of an argument...now that's LOVE!!!

How We Met

We both had been through a divorce that took a toll on our outlook on love, marriage and the thought of it ever happening again.... or even wanting it to happen again. But God stepped in to lend a helping hand and made sure that we met.

Our story starts like this...... Chris wanted to move back to Toledo, our hometown, after his divorce, so his company found him an opening at the same mall I worked at. But even after good fortune like that, our paths still never crossed for quite some time. We worked in the same mall for several months, clueless of one another and miserable. So God,fate and one of my best friends Kara stepped in to turn all that around. She and Chris were old school mates and got back in touch after learning he was back in town. After a few times of them hanging out Chris had seen a cell phone pic I had sent to Kara and she thought it would be fun to try and get us to meet. One evening, Kara and I had planned to meet after work for dinner with a few other of our girl friends, and unknown to me....Chris. Unfortunately,I ended up cancelling since I was too tired from work. You would think God would've given up by now trying to get us to meet but no way. He had a plan and he was sticking to it!! And thank goodness he did!!

Soon after several failed attempts of getting us to meet outside of work, Kara talked Chris into "popping" into my store to meet me. And so he did...little sneak...came in acting as if he was a regular customer. In and out so fast and didn't even buy a thing!! But there it was.... a face to face meeting,although I had know clue that he was a friend of Kara's or who he was until she called and asked if he came in. Putting two and two together I realized what she and our girlfriends had been up to. So a few days later, Kara and Chris stopped in together so she could officially introduce us. We chatted nervously like little third graders crushing on one another... probably not even making since from all the stuttering i was doing. They didn't stay long but it was long enough for me to notice those deep brown eyes ;)

Shortly after them leaving my store and me regaining a normal heartbeat, I get a text from an unknown number. Playing coy and assuming it was Chris I played along and texted back. Thank God it was him cuz the texting went on for days. We really had a knack for easy, flowing conversation and in those first few days we had learned alot about each other. It was a breath of fresh air. Finally, a guy that's not interested in just that one thing. After days of constant texting, we finally get the nerve up to meet again...on our own. We hit it off!!! He was as perfect in person as he was over texting and just as handsome as I remembered him from just less than a week ago. And so the rest is history..... or in our eyes...a dream come true!!


Proposal Story


 Our Story photo 3Chris and I were on a corporate sponsored vacation from his company that he won,through lots of hard work, long hours and total dedication. He's rapidly advancing in his field and loves being noticed for his achievements. So why miss the opportunity to rub elbows with the ''higher ups'' just because you're in Puerto Vallarta at an all inclusive resort? He kept saying the whole plane trip... i will get noticed this trip just you wait!! Amorous of his love for his job, I smiled but begged him to just relax and enjoy this great opportunity. The day everyone started to arrive we all gathered in the lobby to greet one another, knowing Chris was eagerly waiting to see some of those important people and co-workers, I let him wonder and work his charm without me hovering over him and clinging to his arm. He came back with the biggest grin on his face so excited to have had the chance to meet and converse with one of the vice presidents in his region. Apparently, one of THEE guys to meet. He looks at me and says...."See, I told you I would get noticed!!' Oh boy, I thought....but thank God we got it over with on the first day. LOL. Now we're set to enjoy the week on the beach and in the sun without the pressure of trying to meet the bosses. And enjoy we did, it was amazing!!! A weeks worth of pampering, 24 hour room service, great food, beaches, pools, sun, mind blowing views of the coast so many things. To say the least, nothing was on our minds (or at least mine) but enjoying every moment. Then comes the last night of the vacation, there was a corporate dinner that all 250+ guest of this company was to attend. Despite the heat, it was beautiful...band was playing dinner music, servers at our beck and call, gorgeous table centerpieces and buffet tables all on the beach of Puerto Vallarta while the sun was painting an amazing sunset in the back ground. We all enjoyed our dinners and dessert and mingled a bit before the fun part of the program began.

Our Story photo 4 Our view of the pool area from our suite

Our Story photo 5 view of the ocean from our suite

Soon the games started and people were winning money, iPod's, gift certificates all sorts of stuff. WOW...I was thinking ....I WANNA WIN!! We're well into the last game and we realized that we had no such luck in winning anything. But then WAIT!!! What's this? SURPRISE, one more last game!! They announced that earlier in the night they put everyones name,that worked with the compay, in a hat....and as the last game of the evening they were to pull one name out. That one person was to come up with his or her guest...for a chance to win the best prize of the night...all they had to do was answer one question correctly. I'm on the edge of my seat...I love winning free stuff and the best prize of the night....oh please, oh please I thought. Never in a million years did I really think they were going to call Chris' name, but he did!! Here I am cheering for Chris, all excited and what's he doing....glued to his chair not getting up. They kept calling over the mic...''Chris, please come up with your guest for a chance to win the final prize of the evening". What's the matter with him where's his competiveness I see everyday when he's at work? Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime we get up there...in front of all 250+ people, a nervous wreck the both of us. The vice president, whom he spoke with earlier that first day we arrived, hosted the games. So we're up there and he instructed us that Chris had to ask me a question and I had to get it correct to win. (Must've been the heat, but you would've thought that by now I would be catching on.... but I was totally clueless.) He tells the guests that he'll announce the prize after I answer. He says he's going to show Chris the question he is to ask me that's written on a slip of paper he then pretends to pass him this "question". He hands Chris the mic......meanwhile I'm still clueless..... thinking in the back of my head what possibly can the prize be and will it fit in my luggage? The next thing I know.... he starts with telling me how much he loves me while getting down on one knee and reaching in his pocket. The crowd is as shocked and surprised as I am! It probably took all of 10 seconds but in my mind it was all going in slow motion. I'm blown away...totally blown away!!! I cannot believe this is happening. He takes my hands, looks into my eyes (I'll never forget that look) and asks ''Will you marry me?"  I'm breathless.....all 250 people are screaming and clapping. I'm crying, trying not to trip or pass out... I take the mic from him and the only word that was able to escape my lips was a definite "YES". Everyone was up on their feet cheering and clapping!!! I'm amazed by what just happened.... shaking and flooded with emotions. It was the most perfect proposal and went down flawlessly, later that night he told me..... "See, told you I would get noticed on this trip." That little stinker had it planned with the vice president from the very beginning when he met him in the lobby on the first day!!  The rest of the night and the next morning, when everyone met in the lobby for their departing flights home, we were like celebraties everywhere we went. It was wonderful!!!

Our Story photo 6 Chris in the middle of proposing on the beach

Our Story photo 7 Moments after the proposal...I was totally shaking!

Our Story photo 8  my bling bling in action!!! Our Story photo 9 stock photo!

Here I am... The bride to be!!

sectional photo


My stud muffin and most amazing fiancee'...


sectional photo

(sorry boo... not sure why your pic came out so teeny and mine is so much more bigger. Promise you it wasn't on purpose.... *evil grin*...hehehehe) No really... not sure. We'll get a new pic...promise.



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