Apr 16, 2016

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I'm torn over bridesmaid's dresses. I want to either have purple dresses with a black sash or white/ivory dresses with a black sash. I just worry the girls won't want to wear a light color. Here is the purple dress I'm currently thinking of using. It's Jovani. 

Possible Dress:


The Belt:  

DIY Alert! Planning to do a belt or just some black flowers to add contrast. The purple flowers on the dress just don't stand out enough. Be on the look out for this soon!                                    



I love these bracelets! They're made from recycled vinyl record albums!

DIY Alert! I will be DIYing these soon! I just picked up some records, so now I just need to get the metal cuff forms. 


DIY Alert! Also, making similar necklaces to these for each of my girls. They are also made from recycled vinyl records. Just need some hardware to start this one. =)


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EDIT: Please be advised that most of the information on these pages is incorrect. This Blog is currently undergoing construction. I'm hoping to have it back up and running by February 22,2015.

                                                                  About Us photo 1


We've been together for 9 years and engaged for 8 1/2.   We've been off and on again with wedding plans, but every time something's happened to put it off.  Loss of jobs, family members, and moving just to name a few.  It has been a hard struggle. There have been times when I wanted to just go to the courthouse and be done with the whole thing. I urge anyone going through hard times to stay positive and hang in there. It's hard to feel good about things when nothing is going right, but I feel that everything happens for a reason. We've cancelled our wedding 4 times. It's been a hard road, but we're closer and stronger because of it. We're very much looking forward to planning our big day!

Most of my pages have been set to friends only.  Please send me a friend request so you can view everything.  I'm trying to keep things as surprises, plus I could use more friends!  =)

Please note that I (like everyone on PW) spend a lot of time researching and planning the items posted here.  If you use one of my ideas or pictures please give me credit for it.  Thank you very much!

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                     The Ring photo 1


As soon as I knew he wanted to get married I started stalking every jewelry site on the Internet.  It sort of became an obsession.  And I discovered something I wasn't completely aware of until this ring hunting started: I am very very picky!  I even detached myself from my computer lifeline long enough to hunt the stores in town. 

Nothing.  And then finally, after an exhausting search I found it....sort of.  Leon Popov has a collection of rings that look like butterflies. 

I've had a love affair with the color purple and butterflies for most of my life.  However, none of his rings were customizable beyond the center stone shape and I really wanted two of the wings to have some sort of purple gem in them. 

No problem says my wonderful man.  He printed out some pictures and ran off to a local store to have one custom made just for me.  Platinum, marquise cut center stone, two wings are diamonds, and the other two wings are amethysts.  It's so perfect!

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Our main color is purple (various shades) with black and white as accents. 




Modern Rocker Chic!

Still elegant and formal, but with a little rock 'n' roll mixed in. FI really likes this idea since we have tats, piercings, and enjoy rock music. Also I play a bass and he plays drums, so it seemed a natural fit.


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We're going fairly standard with the groomsmen's suits.  Plain black with a white shirt and vest/tie combination.  However, we're going to spice up the vests. They will either be made from band T-shirts, or the vests will be screen printed with band shirt designs. Also, going with Converse here as well.

                                        Groomsmen Attire photo 1  Groomsmen Attire photo 2


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Keep an eye out for updates. We're currently looking!