Nov 07, 2009

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Aside from all of the wedding homeworks i didnt really enjoy, I was excited preparing handmade wedding favors for my bestfriends. I have always planned on something handmade, exquisite, and wearable. Seeing some of my crazy crafty previous works, a friend suggested that i make small jewelries as mingles.

COnsidering how long it would take to make them, i hesitated at first, but then get more and more convinced after I went to Singapore and found a little shop selling beads etc called BIRDCAGE.

So after nights of twisting, beading, cutting, and redoing, 4 different kinds of pliers, sizes of wires, numerous crystal and pearl and stones, Here comes the result (Oh it's STUNNING!! It had to be coz i've risked not growing my nails so close to the wedding day for all these little cuties..)