Sep 12, 2008

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1st E-Session

Amanda Lock Photography

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Lady of Light Photography

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Ed Pingol Photography

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Trial with Maria Chang of PMA

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After being together for 8 years, my fiance and I finally decided to tie the knot together with friends and family on September 12, 2008. We will be having a total of 3 weddings. One will be at St. Patrick's Church in SF (Catholic Ceremony) and the big wedding will be at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton, CA (which is already done). To meet the rest of the family, we will have a wedding banquet in Panama, Central America.

Venue/Reception: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery; Pleasanton, CA

Our STD magnet courtesy of A Giftful Heart

09 12 08 photo 1

Wedding Dresses: Monique Lhuillier Swan Lake (Church) & La Sposa (Garden)

09 12 08 photo 2

09 12 08 photo 309 12 08 photo 409 12 08 photo 509 12 08 photo 609 12 08 photo 7

Photographer for Catholic Ceremony: Encarnacion Photography &

Photographer: Ed Pingol Photography

09 12 08 photo 8

09 12 08 photo 9

Videographer: Studio MSV
Makeup Artist: Maria Chang
Band: Synthesis Band ------ Harpist: Krista Strader
Favors: Done (Luntian Bags, Candy Buffet, Custom Fortune Cookies, & Flip Flops in a variety of colors and designs to be used for dancing)

09 12 08 photo 1009 12 08 photo 11


Photobooth: Project Photobooth (

 09 12 08 photo 1209 12 08 photo 1309 12 08 photo 14

Invitations: Done (Layout & Design by Myself - invitation inside silk box)

09 12 08 photo 1509 12 08 photo 1609 12 08 photo 1709 12 08 photo 1809 12 08 photo 19

Guest Sign-In Book: Blurb

Front & Back Cover

09 12 08 photo 2009 12 08 photo 21

Inside Preview of Guestbook

09 12 08 photo 2209 12 08 photo 23

09 12 08 photo 24

Florist: Freshbloom

09 12 08 photo 25

09 12 08 photo 26
Cake & Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Ana's Creative Baking

09 12 08 photo 27

Cupcakes: Twee's Treats

 09 12 08 photo 28

Table Nameplates: Each Table was named after favorite Chocolates with pictures of our dogs.

09 12 08 photo 2909 12 08 photo 30

Colors: Burgundy & Espresso with Gold