Nov 06, 2010

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My name is Rachael Sterling. I am engaged to Bryan Thibodo. We will be getting married November 6th, 2010. It will be an evening wedding set with candles in a very romantic room. We will be getting married in Lewiston Idaho. We are looking at around 150 guests for our wedding.

We had our first set of Engagement photos done this last sunday. Unfortunately it was raining, so the photos were all done indoors. We will be taking more when it is not raining outside. For now, I will set up the photos tonight or first thing tomorrow. Let me know what you all think of them, and if you have a preference for our announcement that we will be sending to you!

P.S. The wedding date is November 6, 2010!!

Today 6/16,2010 Updated wedding registry... Looked at an amazing venue yesterday. Today we look at another one. Then we decide. Next are the invitations. Look for yours in the mail. Later, anyways.

Good news to all. We have booked a church,  and a reception hall. We are both just so excited. It is all coming together!

****We have officially added our outdoor engagement photos!!! Check them out and let us know what you think. They are amazing...we love them!!! Hope you all do as well!

I just cannot believe we will be married in just three months...so exciting...its hitting me hard now! Vacation next week then my summer is over...back to school, and school means a wedding!!


Today August 30th 2010 I got our wedding Invitations...they are just wonderful...Bryan's aunt did them, and they turned out just perfect...now to put them together and get them mailed out!!!


So excited...tonight we ordered everything for our gifts for the rehersal dinner...they are going to be so cute. Just got to love Oriental Traiding Company!!



Met with our pastor tonight and planned out the ceremony! It is going to be amazing. We are so happy. Only 12 Days to go!!!