Jun 26, 2009

Black Forest Bakery
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I love blackforest cafe...I eat lunch and breakfast there all the time. Our wedding cake tasted AMAZING...you usually never say that about wedding cakes! However, I gave them a color swatch of the green they were supposed to use (it was lime green) and the cake turned out to be a very light pastel almost sage green and it totally clashed with all the decorations :( I feel like my experience was kinda a fluke because everyone elses has been great..but other than that they were great and the cake tasted great!
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I worked with Alicia at Flowers Etc and had a really good experience. I was on a pretty tight budget and I was amazed at how honest she was about ways I could save money. They let me provide my own vases (saved me so much!!!) and showed me some of their inexpensive flowers I could use so I wouldn't have to sacrifice the "fullness" of my centerpieces. I never felt like they were trying to sell me or make me spend more money. On our wedding day I was in love with all of the flowers and they looked exactly the way they did when they showed me the "preview" flowers months before. They also had some extra flowers and used them on the favor and placecard tables (something I had skimped on to save money)...I wouldn't guarantee that they will always have extra flowers I think I might have been lucky :)
Services used: Flowers

Palos Studio
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My experience with Palos Studio was AMAZING. As a marketing executive I look at images/pictures all day long for advertisements, I've worked on many photo shoots with dozens and dozens of photographers. I reviewed at least 10 other wedding photographers and their portfolios before deciding on Palos Studio. One photographer I was really interested in was Amy Squires...if you don't know who she is you obviously haven't been doing your wedding photography research! She is in every bridal magazine! She is an expertise in her field and happened to be booked our wedding day, but that was ok because she was a lot $$$$ (well worth it though if you can) She referred me to Palos Studio...we made an appointment and booked them about a week later! We met with Erin (Palos) at their studio. The meeting went well, Erin is super cute but very soft spoken...which scared me a little because I wanted her to be very vocal and direct when shooting our pictures (if your gut is hanging out or your bra is showing you're gonna want to know!)but don't let her sweet little voice fool you because when she has a camera in her hand she really comes out of her shell! Erin took our engagement photos, my husband (who hates taking any type of picture) and I actually had a really fun time! Erin spent so much time making sure she got the perfect shot, she would even show us some of the pictures after she shot them, she made us feel very comfortable and when we got the engagement pictures back I was so excited...I'm a pretty critical person when it comes to images (it's my job) and I was floored! On our wedding day Erin and Louis showed up early...that was a huge relief because everything else was running late...including me! When I was finally ready they literally had 15 minutes to take pictures of me, me with my bridesmaids and me and my parents...and they did it! They actually were the ones calming me down...and when I started bauling my eyes out when I saw my dad Louis caught some really touching moments and then tried to make me laugh and handed me a napkin because we only had a few minutes left and my makeup was going to run everywhere! At the wedding Erin and Louis didn't miss a single shot...I have SOOO MANY great pictures...my wedding album is 70 pages long! Every single detail was captured and trust me that is important for the bride and the groom because you get caught up that you miss out on so many things and the wedding goes by so fast. When Erin and Louis posted some of our shots on their blogs the phone calls and emails started coming in...everyone LOVED them! I have friends and family who will definitely be using them and you can be sure when we have our first baby Erin will be shooting the first photo session! She does baby photos too!!! Thanks Erin and Louis you guys did an amazing job!!!
Services used: Photography