May 22, 2010

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the morning from our wedding day begins for my on 05.00 am. i woke up and was thinking: today i get married!!! i went to the window opened the shutter and saw the sun is shinning so bright and the sky is blue!!! i was giddy with excitement! woke up my MOH and we got a breakfast first, before i got under the shower to make me ready for the big day and doing my makeup! My MOH made my things ready, pulled the circlet into my petticoat, and helped me to get in my dress. it was a special moment to both of us, she is my best friend for years and we know each other exactly. She told me in the end that i will looking great!! Than we went to my hair stylist for my hairstyle, my MOH made so much photos! everybody on the salon there was so impressed with my style, they told me how perfect it looks on me!! we went home again and i made her hair.

just before 10.00 am our chauffeur with the 1959 chevrollet rings the bell on our appartment. i was getting nervous, my MOH escorted me down to the car, she was very impressed with the car and i falled in love again with it! He was pleased with my outfit just because it fits the theme of the car! i knew this was the last moment before i meet my h2b! my heart was going so fast and the butterflies in my stomach are on drugs :-) we drove trough our small city were i live in and the peoples on the streets congratulated us in every way! that was so stunning, everybody looked at me in the car!

and than...

the car arrives at the point were i and my h2b gonna meet us! i saw him standing on the street and he`s eyes stucked on me all the time! he helped me out of the car and hugged me so much, gave me kisses and told me that i am so beautiful and its better than he has expected! it was such a heartfelt moment i never ever forget! he was so proud that i am there with him and i am getting his wife today, i saw it in every sign and move he does on the day!

we both have had our formal photoshoot in the morning hours, it was such a nice weather, warm and just perfect. we made it in the parc, on the sea and a lot with the car. there was also a pavilion in white so beautiful! we had more than 2 hours for that shoot and that was great, we`re both relaxed and enjoyed the shoot. Hope i will see this on the photos! :)

later, we got back to the car and getting ready to get to our ceremony. i was getting soooooooooo nervous, my stomach was knotted! my h2b was relaxed at this moment. as soon as we arrived , we saw, his best man and my MOH stood there, waiting for us to arrive. my hands trempled and i was getting a little panic attac. but as soon we both heard our first song for the ceremony and it was time to go in, we just enjoyed every second of this wonderful ceremony. We sat down and was listen to that what our registrar said. it was so heartfelt, the story she told us and the things she was wishing us! we made a speech for eatch other, i was doing it first:

"Today i will give you my word, to be your partner in good or bad times. i will respect you with all of your attributes. This is exactly what constitutes you. You are adorable the way you are in my eyes and you are the most precious person to me. You take care for me, give me strenght in good times and you stand strong by my side. and in good times i regain one`s strenght out of all this beautiful moments we`d shared together and will share together. i `ll promise you that i am stand on your side, laugh and cry with you, love you true with all my heart und i will fight with you, no matter whatever betide on our way together. i`ll give you my hand, my heart and all of my love so our love will last till the end of our days!

our wedding recap photo 1

his speech:

Now is the day here, our most beautiful day on which we promise themselves what is clear to us since a long time ago. YOU are mine Mrs Kast. I am delighted that you are mine! No matter if theres something we can laugh about or something seriousness happen to us. No matter if the sun`s shining like she does it today, or if its rainy all the time, you brighten my days again and again. You, my darling, are the most precious thing i ever had and that i never wanna miss in my live. i love you so much from my heart and my heart shall always be yours!

( i just cry again if i read trough emotional! )

after this, we stood up to get a Mr and Mrs. We both told her from the heart a "Yes i do!". we`re getting the rings on each others finger and gave us THE kiss.

our wedding recap photo 2

the ceremony ends up with the song from bonjovi "thank you for loving me". We`ve listen to it about 1 Minute and stood up to leave the room. The registrar congratulates us and wished us everything good and a long marriage!

just we opened the door, there was standing all of his workmates to congratulates us and give us a gift for our wedding. Everybody congratulated us and made some photos with us! it was so nice!

our wedding recap photo 3

than furhter we went to our aperitiv reception. There was a lot more peoples we invited. it was great to see them all! The food was super delicious there and the mood so great! i enjoyed the sun so much and talked with everybody. This time was running so fast, i couldn`t believe it!

our wedding recap photo 4our wedding recap photo 5

his workmate has planed a small game: we have to beat the nails into the wood block. He`s nail always turns out weird while mine is going straight ahead into the block. and a really beautiful surprise was the wooden heart that burns and he told us that our love hopefully always will burning like this heart does!

our wedding recap photo 6our wedding recap photo 7

and futher his best man organised a heart balloon flying with cards on it. every guest wrote down a wish or something they wanna give us if the cards arrive on our home. ( and they did, all of it!!!)

our wedding recap photo 8

later in the afternoon we went to our location with the cars. a long way over the beautiful landscape from our region! i loved it so much! we arrived at 6.00 pm at the location with all guests. Also we made photos with all of the guests, only with my family, his family and all of our friends! later we came into our room and i was so impressed by the decoration, it fits the room perfectly and all the candles gave such a harmonic mood to the room i just adored it! the meal begun on 7.00 pm and it was very delicious! everyone told os that the food was so good! later we cutted the cake, the cake toppers was a surprise to everyone! they loved it and told me that they looking just like us :). the cake was so damn yummy yummy! so sweet and full of fresh fruits, chocolate and sugar!! we took two piecis beside to get them frozen at home and they will be our sweet memory on our first anniversery!

our wedding recap photo 9

our live band was awesome! they played us in the right mood! we made our first dance to elvis presley one night with you! it was such a emotional moment for both of us! we kissed and hugged each other trough the whole dance. everbody told us that it was so sweet to look at us! After that, everybody was allowed to dance the night away to good music from the 50s and 60s! That band was worth the money!!

on 01.00 am the most of our guest are went home. so we only was a small circle of people that stayed with us until the end. i made a dance with my father at least. at our farewell from the last guests we both get a emotional moment, tears came up and we both knew its now the end of a great day! it was going so fast, but we was right in the middle of it! we enjoyed every second of this unforgettable day!!!

now i am thinking of it all the time, take a look at the nonpro pics, undergo the day again and again. it was so perfect, nothing was going wrong! i got the weather i ordered and it was that emotional and heartfelt i wished for! now, the last thing that lasts from the day is, that we are now Mr and Mrs and our love will grow every day! so i will remember that day every year with him... till we get old and took a look at our beautifull, full of love and happiness years we shared together! this is what will last and counts from that day!