Sep 24, 2010

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Married photo 1  Married photo 2
I did do my own make- up.....                                             My them!

Married photo 3  Married photo 4
...Project wedding idea....                                        result............
Married photo 5 Married photo 6 Married photo 7
          coming down the stairs                        something old                                me
Married photo 8  Married photo 9

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1st dressDress fitting photo 1 2nd dress  Dress fitting photo 2

                                                         ~First Dress Fitting~

My dress fit experience was great!
I only went to one store, put on a couple (10)of dresses and say yes to my dreamdress(the first one i tried on)!
My budget was between 1352'- and max. 2028'- included shoes,veil and underwear.
Thats an average budget to spend in the Netherlands.
I managed to stay within budget!How? I did go to a strore that sold dresses within my budget, so i could never go over it!But thats not all. I borrowed my veil and hoop. I saved +- 338'-Dollar. in this way i could get everything i wanted. 
By the way i buyed a wonderfull pair of shoes! The 3th pair i showed you on my page!

                                                         ~ Second Dress Fitting~

After 4 months i could tried on my dress. I didnt had made an apointment but i only came to see if my dress was stil the one i had in mind!And is was:) only a little bit too big:)
Dress fitting photo 3  Dress fitting photo 4

            ~Third Fitting~                                            ~ Final dress fitting ~

This time the dress i gonna be the right size!                      Wauw!Final result!
Dress fitting photo 5  Dress fitting photo 6

Dress fitting photo 7  Dress fitting photo 8 grazy dad


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This are some ideas to say goodbye together. Just love the chinese lanterns!

When the party is over photo 1 When the party is over photo 2

When the party is over photo 3 When the party is over photo 4

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My inspiration, i would love to colour those like the colours of my bouquet. Dont matter which colour!
I took this idea from my sister , her wedding is 1 month before my wedding!

Shoes photo 1Shoes photo 2

Shoes photo 3 Shoes photo 4 Shoes photo 5  Shoes photo 6                                        

Shoes photo 7  Shoes photo 8



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This composition presents allmost everything i want! Only the suite of de bridegroom had to be grey...A Composition Tres Belle photo 1
(somewhere between dark en light grey and a little bit shiny:)) Ps. ILove the little cupcakes!!!

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Flowers photo 1 Flowers photo 2 Flowers photo 3

I like the colours of the first bouquet !The perfect bouquet will be with peonies like the 2nd one!Just love it!