Oct 15, 2010

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Wedding day non pros photo 1 Wedding day non pros photo 2

Waiting for guests and us to walk down the aisle

Wedding day non pros photo 3 Wedding day non pros photo 4

best maid of honor ever. seriously she went far and beyond! and well my 2 1/2 year old niece wouldn't walk down (go figure) so i told her dad to walk down with her - he looked like he was in the wedding anyway!

Wedding day non pros photo 5 Wedding day non pros photo 6

my niece and nephew, and my parents walking me down the aisle

Wedding day non pros photo 7 Wedding day non pros photo 8

during our vows - to keep the hair out of my face, we stood opposite of what is usual. and it took a while to get the rings from my nephew since we tied them onto ribbon and put them in his pocket.

Wedding day non pros photo 9 Wedding day non pros photo 10

after the vows! and my beautiful family!!!! no one from his family made an attempt to go to aruba =(

Wedding day non pros photo 11 Wedding day non pros photo 12

the wedding party! and our first dance!

Wedding day non pros photo 13 Wedding day non pros photo 14

still dancing - it was such a long song!! me and my older sister!

Wedding day non pros photo 15 Wedding day non pros photo 16

entrance to reception! me, maid of honor and husband! right after her toast - made me cry!

Wedding day non pros photo 17 Wedding day non pros photo 18

cake cutting time. that was way too big of a cake for 28 people! but it was a great time! i still wish we danced a whole lot more! but it was really really HOT and humid out!


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We bought our engagment ring and wedding bands from igorman! spectacular customer service! and love that it's family owned!

Wedding Bands photo 1

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First go around:

this is what I liked:

Make Up Trials photo 1

ignore the white spots at the top, i don't know what happened there.

this is what i got.

Make Up Trials photo 2 Make Up Trials photo 3

he didn't like it at all. I don't know if I'll go back to sephora - i know sephora tends to be pretty heavy handed with eye make up. maybe i'll go in a different direction.

Next up - clinque counter - i had a picture of Leighton Meester - and got the approval of my fiance.

i went in and was like -- I need a natural look, i'd like a little color - she said since my eyes were so blue, that it's really hard to use color on my eyes except for brown. so she did my foundation, eye make up, the whole 9 yards. Except they don't have primer. and i know i want to use primer.

here's what happened:

this is the response from my very very tough audience. I'm gonna make my younger sister or my fiance go with me

My older sister: says it looks good. not sure about the navy.

My younger sister: No. (I said, what seriously?!) she said seriously! it doesn't even look like you. i told her i didn't much care for the lips but i really liked the eyes. she says it's way too dark!

my MOH: liked it but thought we weren't quite there yet.

my fi: liked it. says it was much better than friday night's eye make up. but didn't think it was quite right. he wants more natural!

if i went any more natural i wouldn't have any make up on! AGH.

Trial from September 17th

ok so i went into Ulta & the guy did my eyes and i had to totally guess on the lips. I was wanting to try a lipstain - and my Maid of Honor just bought Revlon's just bitten stains. and I was really curious to see how it'd work, I didn't want lipstick cuz i know i can't even kiss him if i have lipstick on! or I hated the stuff that has lip gloss as a finisher. and oy. i put the stain on when i got home, i was like, Hmmmm, that is bright, but i'm kinda liking it!

i figure if i go neutral with my eyes to please my sister, and go bright with the lips! i'm getting a little something!

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Things I had to do before the party on August 7th.

put together name flags.

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 1

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 2

food flags

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 3

mason jars

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 4

the table set up at the house

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 5

view from the otherside. I went with 2 different colors of orange  cuz my wedding colors are shades of orange and ivory. I even put ribbon on our chairs at the sweetheart table. (agh i wish i had more detail photos! i was in such a rush!)

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 6

our sweetheart table with mason jar wrapped in twine and flowers, and the table number! i kept with the theme, palm trees, same font as invitations, etc.

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 7

name flags in action.

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 8

the cake -- my mom had surprised us with a top tier (i only ordered 2 tiers). and the girl (i went to high school with her) did buttercream frosting (no fondant!!!) with chocolate cake, one tier had chocolate mousse. and the other tier had chocolate mousse and raspberry mousse (it was supposed to be ganache and raspberries). oh well. and she used ribbon to wrap around the cake.

Pre Wedding Celebration photo 9

we had lights strung across the pool. it looks so much better in person!

it was a really fun party! we had ordered greek food from our favorite greek restaurant! we had so much left over, it was crazy!!! we forgot that they're very generous with their servings!


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let's start by saying, I am a graphic designer, and I do do it for a living, I actually don't like the creative aspect of it, but i love the logical aspect of it. So coming up with my own design was soooo HARD. I originally wanted to use the divi tree as the look bcause that is where we're getting married - in aruba and they're known for the divi trees.

But it wasn't working for me! sooo... i ended u pscouring for the perfect palm tree, and the perfect look that i wanted.

first thing i ended up cutting by hand (by that i mean, using an exacto knife and a metal ruler) oh yes, i cut everything by hand like that!

So these are our website cards - that i got an embosser... i wasn't too happy with the embosser, it didn't align the palm trees properly. But we also got another one with our initials, we're gonna use that for our thank you notes.

DIY Invitations photo 1

DIY Invitations photo 2 don't they look awesome.

here's how i spent the weekend prior to the MD/PA/DE get together

DIY Invitations photo 3 since i was stuck at the house cat sitting... i set up shop in the living room... cutting all night and most of saturday afternoon.

DIY Invitations photo 4 getting ready to put it all together....it was light when i started.. then it was PITCH black out when i ended!

DIY Invitations photo 5

This is Zeke -- one of the cats, oh it's such a rough life.....i was putting labels on the envelopes....

DIY Invitations photo 6

Putting stamps on the postcards & the envelopes.....

DIY Invitations photo 7

Just about ready!!!!

DIY Invitations photo 8

he was sealing them with the blue sponge over there on the left.

DIY Invitations photo 9

and all ready to be mailed out!

DIY Invitations photo 10

and that's the finished piece!

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Even though my parents & my younger sister and her husband are "hosting" the party. They all got lives, I do too, but I like being in control! so I'm taking care of most of the details. and just passing on the information to them!


I've contacted a couple of places for renting tables and chairs and linen. just have to nail down the details. we're gonna do round tables, white chairs. long white linen, and orange overlay! I really want to get twinkle lights. soooo want that!


Then there's a girl I went to high school with, i knew she did cakes. so i asked her if she would do it for that day, and she said she would! so excited. I sent her a couple of photos to see what she said. Now i'm hoping we can do a tasting to help decide what flavors we would want to do.


and thankfully my grandpa has a tent we can borrow. so we're gonna borrow that incase it rains! but i think I'm going to have to do some major cleaning of the garage so we can have space. But hopefully that won't be the case. cuz it'd be soooo pretty around the pool! this is what I've been looking forward to.


We were thinking famous dave's for BBQ, but we might also just try a few things at sam's club to see if we like it. But we'd make our Potato salad, baked beans, and we need to figure out a couple of vegetarian options for a main meal not just potato salad and baked beans.


We're doing greek food! one of our favorite restaurants in our area - Ambrosia - is going to cater it. we're keeping it simple though -- make your own gyro - beef/lamb, chicken, and some falafel for the vegetarians...along with their infamous fire feta, seriously the stuff is soooo good! pita bread, tzatiki dip, lemon potatoes, baklava,

we'll make our own greek salad, and also hummus with veggies1 this will be delicious!


Probably will just stick with beer and wine/sangria!