Sep 18, 2010

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Hi. My name is Heather Finerfrock. I got engaged on Feb. 22, 2007. His name is Doug, and he is a wonderful man. I was married once before, and went through a divorce. My ex-husband and I have a child, Isaiah (10) and I have full custody of him. Doug has accepted him into his life, and my son is very excited for Doug and I to be married. He loves Doug with all of his heart, and the same goes for Doug, he loves my son with all his heart.

Doug has a daughter, Morgan. He has partial physical/legal custody. He sees her every other weekend, and we try to jam as much as possible in that one weekend, so she doesnt feel as though she is missing out on things. I love Morgan. I always wanted a little girl, and although she isnt a little girl, (14) I still love her. She loves and respects me too.

It is kinda like we were meant to meet, and fall in love. He has helped my son to have more respect for me, and I have helped him to re-connect with his daughter, and find things they both have in common. He didnt really know what to do with her, when he would get her on weekends.  So, we kinda have a ready-made family, we just have to make it legal, ya know, with a wedding and the whole sha-bang.

I have decided to be a DIY bride. Doug and myself are paying for it, as well as decorating and taking care of all the important things. We are not having caterers, and are making the food ourselves. Also, (this is a twist), I am putting on an apron, and helping to serve the food. My family thinks I am being a little red-neck, but I was born in the country, and am marrying a country-boy/ butchers son. I think it is perfect. And as long as we are happy with it, then that is all that matters. To some of you, it probably sounds horrible, but it is a perfect fit for me, and my husband to be.