Aug 23, 2009

Amber Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Amber Gustafson from Amber Events is: Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire Experienced Calm demeanor Sweet Trusting Leader someone you can count on for every single detail I have been personal assistant to high profile clients for many years and am currently a project manager in charge of over 40 people, so I know what is required when it comes to this type of work and I therefore expect nothing but the best. Initially I dismissed the idea of having a wedding coordinator or even a "day of" wedding coordinator. I have organised large parties and weddings in the past. However, after meeting with Amber for 30 minutes I knew that I had been sent not only a reliable, work-horse who would make sure my wedding went smoothly, but I had also been sent an angel who would keep me calm throughout the whole process and somebody I knew I could count on. She guided me through the process with confidence, which in turn allowed me to let go and enjoy the day. In the lead up to the wedding Amber was fantastic. She sent forms requesting loads of information which pushed us to make decisions and not leave things to the last minute. I was confident that not one detail of the day was left out. The weekend of the wedding: My hair and make-up person cancelled two days before the wedding. I called Amber, in tears, not knowing what to do. Within an hour she had 5 people for me to call and they all knew the details of what I needed. I was so worried that things would not work out and she helped me to stay calm and remind me what tears would do to my makeup. The day of the wedding, which will forever be the best day of my life, was perfect. NOTHING could have been different. Amber was there every single step of the way making sure that it went smoothly. From the Quartet starting on time and then swiftly moving to the cocktail area to our grand entrance, every part of the day and every person involved knew what was happening. My wedding day is somewhat of a blur to me because everything seemed to happen so fast but one thing I can remember is Amber's smiling face. I felt like there must have been 5 of her because she was always in the right place at the right time where she needed to be. She was there right to the end, making sure certain items we wanted saved from the day were carefully packed and put into the limos. Overall, my husband and I can't thank Amber enough for what she did in the lead-up, preparation, support and "on the day" of the wedding. She was supportive, provided firm guidance, a wealth of practical knowledge and great contacts in all areas of the industry. We cannot recommend her highly enough! A final point to consider, most people who write these reviews are unhappy for whatever reason and therefore feel the need, rightly or wrongly, to share their unhappiness. Even if it isn't justified and even if it is just to make someone else feel miserable. The reason why we have taken so long to write this review, and I'm sure it is similar for those that haven't bothered to right a review yet, is that we are all so incredibly happy with the service that we have received that we simply forget to write such a review in the post-event bliss. In any case, take negative reviews with a grain of salt, because for every negative one, there is at least 10 positive ones that have gone unwritten.
Services used: Wedding Planning