Oct 10, 2010

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This is our french bulldog puppy.


The family is almost complete!!! lol

Furbaby Meet Athina photo 1Furbaby Meet Athina photo 2Furbaby Meet Athina photo 3

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Here are some of the pro-pics. I loved them!!!

Pro pics photo 1Pro pics photo 2Pro pics photo 3Pro pics photo 4Pro pics photo 5Pro pics photo 6Pro pics photo 7Pro pics photo 8Pro pics photo 9Pro pics photo 10Pro pics photo 11Pro pics photo 12Pro pics photo 13Pro pics photo 14Pro pics photo 15Pro pics photo 16Pro pics photo 17Pro pics photo 18Pro pics photo 19Pro pics photo 20Pro pics photo 21

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We went to Greece. Best vacations EVER!

We´ve spent 4 days in Athens for the Athens Marathon and after we went to Santorini Island.

These were the happiest days in my life!!!

Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 1Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 2Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 3Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 4Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 5Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 6



Santorini Island

Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 7Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 8Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 9Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 10Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 11Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 12

Best vacations EVER Honeymoon photo 13

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Ladies, I'd like to introduce you my angel, my love, my EVERYTHING, Vilma, my mom.

She always was a very very happy person, confident, happy, a beloved mother, wife, grandma and friend.

She was a chef, she loved to cook, she always made incledible really tasty food.

My mom had a heart problem since she was a kid. In 2006 she was submitted in to a surgery to implant a pacemaker to improve her health.

She was ok during sometime, but in 2008 she started to get sick almost every week. 1 week per month she spent in the hospital.

There wasn't anything possible to do to made her better. Only one solution, heart transplatation. She was waiting... but with all the results she will not make the surgery... and in July 17th, 2009 she left us.

It was so hard. I've never lost a beloved person. And we've lost her. She left 3 sons and 3 grandchild and a beloved husband, my dad Enio.

I had time to communicate my wedding, and she was so happy. I will never forget her face when I've told her: "Mom, Bruno and I will marry!" I showed my e-ring and she started to kiss my hand and she was so happy.

I can remember the day before the died that she looked at me and said: "Sweetheart, I'm not gonna make it. I'll not be physically in your wedding. But I will be there. Please, take care of your dad, he will need you."

She knew...

Well, I miss her so much. I miss her voice... her laugh... everything... there's a hole in my chest... I miss her so much!

Everything is to HER photo 1 Everything is to HER photo 2 Love you so much.

This past August 13th, she would complete 60 years old. Happy birthday my love. My everything.


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Just ordered

I will put this flower on my hair.

To the hair and to the dress flowers photo 1 To the hair and to the dress flowers photo 2


And this one for my dress.

To the hair and to the dress flowers photo 3

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So, on August 3rd I had my first fitting.

Please, comments and suggestions are REALLY very welcome!

starting... ...trying the veil / mantilla

She is my baby photo 1She is my baby photo 2

hair up (with the flower) and the veil

She is my baby photo 3She is my baby photo 4

Love the first fitting!!! Can't wait for the second (on September).

EDITED - September 16th - SECOND FITTING

I'm still in love with her!!!!

The back (it was changed) and the flower.