Oct 10, 2010

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Cadybriar                                                         Davie & Chiyo                                   Via Bella

Clutches photo 1 Clutches photo 2   Clutches photo 3


Julia Sherry Designs                                    Red Ruby Rose                             Eclu

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    Men s Attire photo 1   Men s Attire photo 2

Groomsmen:                                                           Fathers:


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The dresses have been ordered and I'm so happy both of my girls ended up picking the dress I had in mind.


Bridesmaid s Look photo 1     Bridesmaid s Look photo 2

I came across this necklace from futuremrscorwin and really fell in love with it.  I'm going to see if it can be custom made similar to this inspiration:

Bridesmaid s Look photo 3

                     UPDATE:  PW's blustarfruit created my inspiration.  So happy with her work!


Bridesmaid s Look photo 4

Bridesmaid s Look photo 5

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I am going to attempt my first DIY wedding project.  I saw these inspirations from Esty sellers SheaChicDesigns and Justwrightboutique. 


DIY Cardbox photo 1    DIY Cardbox photo 2    DIY Cardbox photo 3


- 10 in H x 10 in W x 7 in D gift box from Target.  I ended up getting a floral gift box that was 4.99.  I knew I was going to cover it so didnt matter what design was on the box.  I found this to be firmer and thicker than the standard plain boxes that were very thin.

- Hot glue gun

- 3M general purpose 45 adhesive spray

- Scissors & razor blade

- Fabric - I chose to use black dupioni silk bc of its texture.  Jo-Ann Fabrics sold this for $15.99/yard


1) Draw out a 7" slit on the lid with a ruler.  I used various card sizes to determine the slit size I wanted.  Take your razor and ruler and cut out the slit.

2) Cutting the fabric: I didnt really know how I wanted to wrap the fabric around the box bc I was worried if I wrapped it like a gift, you'd see the creases on every corner and since my fabric was very thin I knew this wouldnt work.  For the bottom box, I decided to just wrap the sides and leave the bottom unwrapped so that the only crease you'd see would be the back of the box where the one end of the fabric met the other end.  Since my box was 7" high, I cut the fabric so the height was 9" and the length 10"x4 sides=40".  For the lid since it was 10" x 10" I just cut 12" X 12" which allowed me 1 inch room on each end.

3) Gluing the fabric: It took me a couple tries to figure this out bc when I first sprayed the "mock up" box I was in my kitchen and I had the can too close to my box so when I put the fabric on it, the glue seeped through the fabric!  (I knew for sure the hot glue gun wouldnt work bc the glue is too thick and would make bumps)  After several tries with the spray can I perfected it.  The trick is you have to be outside and about a foot away from the box when you spray it so it gives an even coat.  Work on one side at a time.  Quickly put the fabric on and bc the glue wont stick right away it will give you time to re-position the fabric and smooth it out to get it just right.  Flip the box to the next side and repeat step.  Be sure not to spray the fabric and only the box if possible.  Once you have all four sides done this is what it will look like.  Tuck in the fabrics by using a hot glue gun.

                  DIY Cardbox photo 4       DIY Cardbox photo 5  

For the lid, cut a slit along the fabric but be sure not to go all the way to the edges.  Flip it and start tucking in the fabric.  I used regular scotch tape to hold back the fabric.

                   DIY Cardbox photo 6      DIY Cardbox photo 7


DIY Cardbox photo 8


Update 2:  So I've decided to layer the box and it was such a pain to get the bottom box wrapped.  With the help of FI I added a bit of flare to the boxes.

       DIY Cardbox photo 9  


DIY Cardbox photo 10     DIY Cardbox photo 11


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These are some amazing pics I found on my photographers website http://www.blogjerry.com


Amazing Pics photo 1 Amazing Pics photo 2


Amazing Pics photo 3              Amazing Pics photo 4


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